Posts You Gotta Read: John Lund, Aliza Sherman

Things are looking up in the stock world as John Lund writes in his latest posts. This is a very good read about the overall direction of the business and positive signs as he sees it.

And if you don’t know John and his work you are really missing out. I have viewed his imagery for many years, back when agencies did print catalogs and his publishing credits. I had many conversations with other photographers wondering how he did that shot, even in the early days of Photoshop.

He is one of the most innovative and successful stock photographers, maybe ever. The work is inspirational and really provides a good look at a photographer who knows how to create strong concept photography.

This next post has been online for a couple years, but some one tweeted it recently and I had to check it out. The information is still current, valid, and very informative.

Aliza Sherman of WebWorkerDaily posts a very good read about copying an image off a photographers website and placing it on her website and later dealing with the photographer. She did the right thing, checked that facts around copyright, infringement, and once she was informed, discovered she was wrong. She shares her findings and coorespondence with am attorney and also shares how she came to an amicable agreement with the photographer.