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Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

January 11, 2011 Favorite Places 8 Comments

Written by: Charlie Borland

There are plenty of fabulous places to photograph and each and every one of us has a place that we consider a favorite.

One of mine is Rockport, Massachusetts, a small fishing village North of Boston on Cape Ann. I first visited the area back in the 80’s and since that first visit I knew I would be back for a visit anytime I visited New England.

My first visit back then couldn’t have been more perfect. The first stop on my list a was the Rockport boat harbor with it’s idyllic look and quaint New England charm, it was the perfect example of a small and historic fishing village.  It was the first place I wanted to photograph.

ma Rockport MA1 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport Harbor

I got lucky that day as it was a foggy morning to start and as I shot away the fog slowly lifted providing several hours of increasing light contrast and brightness. This image was the first of many. The boats, painted in their pastel colors, sat quietly in the water, surrounded by fog. The two boats in the water framed nicely across the vertical format and all the skiffs in the foreground balanced the scene nicely.

rockport001 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport Harbor

This image was feet away from the first and it used the same boats for the most part but I felt the addition of the pole and pulley added some depth with the foreground elemen

ma rockport  Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Motif #1

This little fishing shack in the Rockport Harbor, has the name Motif #1. There is history behind the name, but it is one of the most recognizable buildings in New England and even in the world.

rockport massjpg303 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport Harbor

As the fog began to lift the opportunities continued with the boat harbor and homes across the harbor.

ma rockport001 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport Harbor

ma rockport004 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Rockport Harbor

ma rockport002 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Motif #1

kayaks Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Kayak Rentals in Rockport

After a few hours and the fog burning off, I moved on to other subjects, discovering the pattern detail of sea kayaks.  There is plenty to shoot on Cape Ann and as a visitor with a short time frame, I am sure I barely scratched the surface.

ma cape ann annisquam light005 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Annisquam Lighthouse on Cape Ann

Other areas you wont want to miss is the fishing town of Gloucester and the numerous lighthouses. Here is the Annisquam Lighthouse at before sunrise.

ma anisquam lighthouse002 Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

Annisquam Lighthouse Sunsire

And after sunrise.

To visit Rockport and Cape Ann, Massachusetts, drive approximately 1.5 hours north of Boston on Hwy 128.  I would imagine that the area is great to visit and photograph anytime of the year, but my visit was in June.

Some places to stay include:

Pleasant Street Inn 978-546-3907 http://www.pleasantstreetinn.net/

Tuck Inn 800-789-7260 http://www.tuckinn.com/

Rockport In and Suites 978-546-3300 http://www.rockportinnandsuites.com/

If you have photographed in Rockport and surrounding areas, be sure and share your ideas by leaving a comment.

If you have an idea for a Favorite places posting, please send us an email pronaturephotographer@gmail. Contact us and share your idea.

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Currently there are "8 comments" on this Article:

  1. Richard Wong says:

    Great shots, Charlie. I hope to visit Rockport this fall on a tentatively planned Boston trip.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Richard. I hope your visit brings wonderful results!

  3. I grew up there and have photographs and paintings of the quaint, beautiful town. But you have captured it in a very different way! Bravo!! Any photos of Loblolly cove or twin lights?

  4. admin says:

    Thanks for the note. I would like to spend more time there to see and capture the area like the locals. That way I would know where Loblolly Cove and Twin Lights are. I never heard of them LOL. But thanks for the tips!

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  6. David says:

    Hello Mr. Borland,

    You are a talented guy and have taken some incredible pictures of Rockport. Beautiful shots, really unique, and this is hard as it’s one of the most re-rendered scenes on the planet.

    I am a web designer, currently re-doing a website for my Mom who lives in Rockport on Main St. I was wondering if your pix are available for use freely, not at all, or where they might fall in between those 2 poles. I would love to use some of them on my Mom’s site, of course only with permission or the appropriate remittance.


  7. admin says:


    Thank you so much for asking. That often does not happen. I am however in the business of photography and my license my images in this economy.

    Take Care

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