Saturday Reads: Photograph Farms and You’ll Get Arrested; Image Theft: There is an APP For That

As if the world is not already weird enough and photographers right to photograph freely in public are continually threatened, there is legislation pending in Florida and Iowa that would make it illegal to photograph farms without permission.

What? As Vinny said: “git outta heer..”

Carolyn Wright of Photo Attorney, in her piece: Are Proposed Bills to Prevent Photos of Farms Legal?, she has a great explanation and some prefessional opinions on this legislation and how far she thinks this will or will not go.

There’s An App for That, But You May Not Want To Use It.

A new iPhone app, Color, is a smart phone photo-sharing app that has buried in its Terms of Service, the right to use any image taken with their app, in any form forever and ever and yada, yada. The problem here is that smart phone images are making the rounds of the publishing world and are becoming a legitimate form of documentary photography. So if you use their service you agree, by simply using the app, that they can use your images any way they wish, period.

That’s scary for the working photographer and it should be for any photographer. You never know what global news story you could encounter in an instant and have this company potentially grab your earnings. Is that likely? I don’t know. Is it possible? Yep! You can read a full story here on the Russian Photo Blog.

There is also an article by Skip Cohen about ‘who you are’ as a photographer and he discusses the About Me aspect of some photographers websites. He really takes a good look at just how much info you want or should be including in the About Me part of your website, and if you are in business this is a worthy read.