How To Price Commercial Video Production

As more photographers look at jumping into the video business to supplement their creative energy and their photography income, new and unforeseen challenges have occurred for a few.

In the business there is a difference on how photographers price assignments and how videographers price a production.  Over a Rob Haggert’s aPhotoeditor blog, a reader asked that questions: “Is it a director’s fee or do we tag a usage fee? According to the agency, when they hire a Director for a broadcast commercial; he/she will get paid a director’s fee and the client will own the commercial outright.”

Former art buyers Amanda Sosa Stone and Susan Sease jumped into to answer the question and it was educational to read their input on all the intricacies of commercial video production. “Videos shot for broadcast vs. videos shot for non-broadcast purposes require adherence to different rules and regulations. Either way, hire the appropriate motion producer to help you navigate through this complexity.”

It is not so simple a process as taking pictures and getting paid. Their are agent fees, directors fees, and union rules as well. If you are thinking of entering commercial video production then this is a worthy read.

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