For Love of B&W: 5 Examples of Nature Images

I have always enjoyed black and white photography. There are many masters of the medium who have created phenomenal photography from Ansel Adams to John Sexton and Bruce Barnbaum. And there are many more than I could name here or even know of.

When I attended Brooks Institute in the 1970’s, we spent the first year doing nothing but B&W and I often joked that I bathed in B&W chemicals and slept on the drying racks.

I guess it was no joke when later I found I was allergic to something in the B&W chemicals and that ended my days in the darkroom.

My appreciation for B&W never ended but I never really created B&W fine art nature photography until I began dabbling with Photoshop B&W Adjustment Layers. Still I was not that enamored.

Last month Topaz announced B&W Effects and I am hooked finding myself digging up RAW file in Lightroom to process in B&W and here are 5 recent examples.

The other reason for this post besides showing some of my work is to invite you, our readers to submit your ideas for our ProFolio feature showing portfolios of B&W imagery. If you have some phenomenal B&W imagery let us know where we can view it and consider featuring you.

Redwood NP, CA

This image was processed in Topaz and then brought back into Photoshop where the original was added to the layer stack, masked, and the green leaves brushed back in.

North Rim Grand Canyon

Straight B&W conversion.


Alvord Desert, Oregon

Straight B&W conversion


Rusty winch from fishing trawler

Normal processing with extra contrast added due to the flat lighting.


Nipple Bench, AZ

Normal processing with the blue color darkened.

If you have any thoughts please leave a comment. We are looking for portfolios to show. If you shoot B&W and would have an interest in showing a portfolio, please email us at and direct us to your website.

If you have interest in Topaz B&W Effects plugin just click here. It is still on sale until tomorrow at $29.99. Use code: bwandbeyond