What Would You Charge for This Photo Usage?

One of the biggest topics of interest among nature and outdoor photographers is what to charge when someone wants to use or license one of their images.

There are not a lot of online resources out there to help establish a price based on today’s market realities. Last time we ran this we had numerous great responses and one reader suggest we just use FotoQuote.

I once used this program and it is great. But does Fotoquote out of the box represent today’s market conditions? I don’t know so I cant pass judgment. The old copy I had of FotoQuote allowed you to adjust the overall pricing schedule that affected the prices listed in each category so you could set it to your own market reality.

FotoQuote is a great program with many great features beyond determining price, but this post is more about what our readers think is a good price for a stock photo usage today.

We all know times have changed and I believe there is no longer a good representative pricing schedule online that represents today’s reality.

So from time to time we are just going to ask you, our readers, what you think you would quote a client based on what you truly believe you could actually get for price.  Here’s the usage:

Image request: Hikers in scenic location (must crop and fit 4” x 12” header)

Client: Online Retailer

Type of usage: Website

Distribution: Placed at the top of their website and remains there indefinitely until they wish to change it

Size of Usage: 4″ x 12″

Print run: NA

Rights requested: Exclusive for websites only

Please share how you would handle and price this photo usage by leaving a comment.

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