Underwater Diver Finds Digital Camera, Recovers Pictures and Locates Owner

This is pretty cool! Diver Markus Thompson was diving off of Deep Bay BC when he discovered a corroded Canon EOS1000D on the bottom. He took it home and opened it up to find a SanDisk Extreme III card in it.

After cleaning up the card he stuck it in a card reader and it worked. The card contained around 50 photos and some were family vacation while others told the story of the owner, a firefighter, and featured an event they attended.

Markus eventually located the owners.

The camera was underwater for more than a year and was corroded, but the fact the SanDisk card was still readable is amazing. I can see a SanDisk advertisement coming out soon next year……..

I remember the Timex watch ad depicting a watch that was run over by a truck: ‘Timex takes a lickin and keeps on tickin’.

Sources: Markus Thompson, Chase Jarvis

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