Photographers Camera Gear Stolen on JetBlue Flight

December 28, 2012 Legal 4 Comments

Photographer Jess Dugan had her camera gear stolen on a recent JetBlue flight from Chicago to Boston and she received the usual response from the airline: ‘we are not responsible.’

The camera gear was in some of her checked luggage and as Dugan mentions on her blog she had reached her carry-on limit of camera gear and had no choice but to check the remaining cameras and lenses. When she retrieved her luggage in Boston, the checked camera gear was gone.

She admits that she did not use a TSA approved lock and that would have been my first thought: why no lock? While she did not addressed that question it appears that TSA locks are no guarantee that your property will not be stolen. Since TSA locks are designed to be opened by TSA screeners if needed, items seem to still disappear. The locks can be cut off and it happens. Since the TSA has a key to open the lock, then they would not need to cutoff the lock. So is a cutoff lock an indication that baggage handlers are the culprit? … Continue Reading

Creating Passive Income for Your Photography Business

Guest post by Carmen Brettel

Maintaining an online portfolio for your photography is crucial to attracting new clients and booking more work. While your photography may be your bread and butter, it can be limiting. Session work, editing photos and managing clients is a lot of work that requires long hours. You can only do so much as an individual, and when you reach your limit, so does your income.

Creating passive income is the best way to increase your income without having to increase the amount of hours you put in (as if you had any more to give anyway). If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas for passive income that may suit your photography business: … Continue Reading

5 Techniques for Drawing the Viewer Into Your Photograph

December 17, 2012 Creativity 2 Comments
5 Techniques for Drawing the Viewer Into Your Photograph

There are many ways to use composition to tell your visual story in a photograph. As photographers we can create stronger images when employing compositional techniques that guide the viewer through the image.

We all know the eye sees differently than the camera, so it is a skill to organize the elements into a composition that resembles what our minds eye saw.

Since a photograph is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional scene, there is a need to show the viewer that the scene has great depth, or the subject is close or far, or small or large. … Continue Reading

Photographing Plitvice Lakes NP, Croatia

December 10, 2012 Travel 1 Comment
Photographing Plitvice Lakes NP, Croatia

It’s hard to believe that in such a beautiful lake-filled canyon, the first shots fired that marked the start of Croatia’s war with Yugoslavia occurred here.  In fact the first fatality of the war was the park’s police officer.  War never seems to make sense.

But that was then and now the park’s popularity is back stronger than ever, although we Americans are a little slower on traveling to here versus the Europeans.  I first learned of this area watching a Rick Steves travel segment on public television and was so impressed that when I had the chance to travel to the Adriatic, I made sure this park was on the itinerary.  It turned out that I was not disappointed.  The park was Croatia’s first national park (1949) and now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. … Continue Reading

Rosa Frei’s Portrait of Morocco

December 5, 2012 Black and White, Travel No Comments
Rosa Frei’s Portrait of Morocco

Rosa Frei is a travel photographer based in Morocco who photographs the people and places and we asked her about living and shooting in Morocco.

I am a commercial and fine art photographer based in Morocco. In fine art, my passion is nature photography and portraits. I love black & white and monochrome, high key and low key, simple and minimalistic compositions. My aim is to see and express harmony and beauty in nature through my photography.

For me, photography is the art of perception. It is the art of expressing my personal relationship with what I see. Photography is a wonderful method of connecting with the outer world in a very intimate and intense way. My world has changed dramatically since I became a photographer. I now see light and shadow, hidden beauty in patterns, shapes and colors, and tiny details, I would never have previously noticed.

… Continue Reading

Ian Plant Publishes New eBook: Visual Flow

December 3, 2012 Books 1 Comment
Ian Plant Publishes New eBook: Visual Flow

Ian Plant just released his new eBook: Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition. This is the next eBook in a series Ian has written and photographed for the last several years. Teaming up with fellow photographer; George Stocking (Arizona Highways), this book is quite in-depth and lengthy for an eBook at 128 pages, which of course is good.

It’s loaded information, thoughts on creativity, and great quotes. My favorite: “You are remembered for the rules you break.”- Douglas MacArthur.

When learning photography, most aspiring students learn about the rules of composition and all their offshoot descriptions before learning there are no rules. What Ian does in Visual Flow is discuss these rules before quickly moving on to what seems more important: The Tools for Composition.

“Composition is much more than just visual structure. It is how you tell your subject’s story to your viewers…..” – Ian Plant

The book contains wonderful photography from known and unknown locations in North America and beyond. I have a copy and I can recommend this one to you.

… Continue Reading

Sam Abell Describes Finding the Photograph

Sam Abell is a veteran National Geographic photographer and highly respected, author, lecturer, and workshop leader. In this video which has been online for about a year and was produced by The Atlantic, Abell describes the quest to find and create the perfect photograph and it is a very good story!

How Sam Abell Makes a Photograph – From The Atlantic ‘First Draft’ Series from Ross McDermott on Vimeo.

Could To Much ‘Photoshopping’ Get You Fined?

November 28, 2012 Photoshop HDR 5 Comments

In Australia, to much Photoshop just might cost you $220,000!

You are probably aware of the debate and controversy over image manipulation. The most blatant examples draw plenty of attention and sometimes, repercussions.

Many of these cases are related to fashion and glamor photography surrounding the use of Photoshop to create unrealistic looking women (and men I’m sure) that have been made over. The issues are many but include the use of Photoshop on a women’s face and body reshaping to sell beauty products that may not do what the picture suggests.

Britain has banned a few of ads from running due to to much Photoshop work and we have seen a few times, nature and wildlife photographers in trouble for image manipulation.Now some would like to see anti-Photoshop laws in the U.S.

But Australia has gone one step further by making to much Photoshop work in a manner that obviously misrepresents ‘the product’, punishable with up to a $220,000 fine. This article spells it out and is related to the real estate market. … Continue Reading

Great Ways to Sell Your Photography

November 20, 2012 Business No Comments
Great Ways to Sell Your Photography

Guest post by Elise Leveque

Nature photography is incredibly rewarding – composing and creating beautiful images of forests, birds, plants, rivers and patiently waiting for the pivotal, exact moment that creates that golden, unforgettable image. Unique snapshots of a moment that will never be captured again.

For many people, nature photography is a hobby, filling an hour here and there and getting satisfaction from the final product in the comfort of their own home. Others, however, want to have a go at graduating to that next, professional level.  … Continue Reading


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