Review: Outdoor Digital Photography

I have been not only a nature photographer during my career but also have had a passion for shooting recreation and adventure activities outdoors.

I believe that nature photographers who find themselves challenged in today’s markets would do well to shoot people outdoors as well. Not many do, but the expanded markets for people outdoor images would be welcome to most photographers I think.

One nature photographer who does both landscape and adventure photography is Jerry Monkman and it was nice to see that Jerry’s latest book addressed not only nature photography, but adventure and recreation photography as well. It has been months since Outdoor Digital Photography was released by Jerry and if you have not had a chance to look it over let alone read it, you are missing out on some great information. I was pleased when I got a copy and read through this book.

While the book covers the usual subjects important to photographers like: exposure, lighting, composition, and more, what sets Outdoor Digital Photography apart is that is one of the few new books that also covers photographing people enjoying the wilds they seek. Jerry describes how he uses for the most part, the same techniques with people as he does with nature in many cases.

In addition to that, there is a chapter on Lightroom and its many features, shooting in a variety of conditions like winter and rain, and the value of Photoshop. Included are some case studies using 15 photos that show how Jerry ‘practiced’ what he ‘preached’ in the book. Each case study shows how he approached the image, captured it (how and why), and how the image was processed.

Whether you are a veteran outdoor photographer or new to the game, you will find Outdoor Digital Photography covers a lot of ground providing a wealth of information and is illustrated handsomely with wonderful imagery.

I recommend this book, but if you would like additional opinions read the reviews here on Amazon.

Have you read this book, and if so please share your thoughts.

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