How to Be An Underwater Photographer Without Getting in The Water


There are so many cool toys in photography and video. Something innovative arrives all the time and here is another one.  Maybe you have always dreamed of being an underwater filmmaker or photographer but you never became a certified diver or you don’t like the water that much.

Well the folks over at Aquabotix have solved your problem. They have developed the Hydroview underwater high definition video camera and this thing is really cool.

It is a sleek and futuristic submarine type submersible housing with two battery powered electric motors that allow it to glide around underwater and up to a depth of 150 feet. It carries a high definition 1080 video camera and it has an LED light for the darker depths.

The submersible is controlled by your iPad on the surface using a 75’ tethered cable providing full control over its underwater movements. The software for the iPad allows you to see a live view of underwater scenery and there are also optional 150’ and 300’ cable.

While a few of my diving friends have filmed the great white shark, I have not found that to appealing. This device however would allow anybody to film sharks or anything else under water from the safety of the boat.

With a little more imagination you could certainly find plenty of uses for the Hydroview. It comes with a $4000 price tag and you can find it right here.

Have you used one of these? please leave a comment.

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