Could To Much ‘Photoshopping’ Get You Fined?

In Australia, to much Photoshop just might cost you $220,000!

You are probably aware of the debate and controversy over image manipulation. The most blatant examples draw plenty of attention and sometimes, repercussions.

Many of these cases are related to fashion and glamor photography surrounding the use of Photoshop to create unrealistic looking women (and men I’m sure) that have been made over. The issues are many but include the use of Photoshop on a women’s face and body reshaping to sell beauty products that may not do what the picture suggests.

Britain has banned a few of ads from running due to to much Photoshop work and we have seen a few times, nature and wildlife photographers in trouble for image manipulation.Now some would like to see anti-Photoshop laws in the U.S.

But Australia has gone one step further by making to much Photoshop work in a manner that obviously misrepresents ‘the product’, punishable with up to a $220,000 fine. This article spells it out and is related to the real estate market.

A few of the suggested infractions are retouching out power lines, which I do all the time, to over saturation of the sky, which many of us do all the time.

How long until they come after nature photography for retouching out the stick in the stream or the grass in front of the lens, and excessive saturation of the sunset.

While I acknowledge there is problems with to much PS work in a few rare cases, who will be in charge of deciding what is to much?

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