Interview With Legendary Landscape Photographer: David Muench

David Muench is legendary among landscape photographers! He has photographed across America for 50 years and created some of the most recognized images in landscape photography. He stands tall among a short list of master photographers who have shaped the standards of nature photography we know today.

David established his unique style of landscape photography early in his career and his influence on nature photographers is evident today. A lifelong advocate for wild places, his photography of unknown and never photographed places brought the world a view of our beautifully wild and fragile planet.

I have been a fan of David and his work since I started in photography 35 years ago. I have been greatly influenced by his use of light and foreground emphasis in his large format photographs. Studying his imagery guided me along in my journey learning to see the big and the small, the near and far, and the light and the dark when crafting my own compositions.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing David about his photography, his new eBook, and his passion for photographing wild place. Watch this video interview, the first in a series we plan, as David narrates a selection of his images from his new eBook: Toprock. (His photographs appear after a couple minutes: 59 minutes)

Order a copy of Toprock here:

See more of David’s photography collections at David Muench Photography.