Nat’l Geo Photographer Arrested for Shooting Aerial Photography

NGS photographer George Steinmetz has been arrested for doing aerial photography over a cattle feedlot in Kansas. Steinmetz is known for his stunning photography captured from a motorized paraglider including fabulous locations like this one from Africa. He was photographing a NG story on food. I first wondered if you own the air above you and could it be considered trespassing? Apparently as a private landowner you do own the air above your property to a certain height before, I guess, a level where the FAA takes over.

Several years ago the Kansas legislature passed a law making photography and filming a crime on private property without permission. The law was created, if I recall correctly,  to combat activists who secured jobs in meat plants (and maybe similar operations) to secretly film animal abuse.

The powerful Agri-Business industries successfully pushed the legislature to make any filming and photography illegal of farming operations and they are pushing for more states to adopt the same. You can read more here on PDN. And here is more on moves to make Farm Photography illegal.

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