Master Lightroom: Landscapes in Lightroom 5, new eBook by Michael Frye

Yesterday, noted landscape photographer Michael Frye released his new eBook: Master Lightroom: Landscapes in Lightroom 5, his second book on Lightroom for landscape photographers.

Having a copy of his first book, I was looking forward to seeing his second and get a good refresher on the newest version of Lightroom.

This new book has twice as many pages as the first book and what’s really cool, is his move into multimedia features with this eBook. There are links included in the book that direct you to a private site containing new videos showing step-by-step many of the techniques featured in the book. You can also follow other links to download some of the same DNG files used in the book to again, follow the step by step adjustments.

While there are a lot of tools in Lightroom that have been there since the beginning, many have been nicely improved. Most notable as Michael writes is the Advanced Healing Brush. Other new tools include the Visualize Spots option, the Radial Filter tool, the Upright controls for perspective correction, and Smart Previews for viewing offline.

Michael also digs deep into 2012 Process Version which was added to Version 4 updating the algorithms for tonal control. Much of the newer features of LR5 are introduced early in the book before moving right into workflow and the application of these tools.

But as with any software tutorial book, it is one thing to describe what all the buttons and sliders mean, and another to demo how the tools work in real situations.  Michael committed roughly 2/3 of this book on how to apply various tools to achieve certain goals and each example confronts a new set of challenges.

From targeted adjustments applied to small areas, to retouching, curves adjustments, graduated filters, noise reduction, there are enough examples to show you how to utilize most features in LR5. In most cases, Michael analyzes each image and presents the problems he sees, and then follows with a suggested workflow.

There are good explanations on newer features of Lightroom such as Image Adaptive Behavior. This feature includes Automatic Highlight Recovery and Automatic Black Point where Lightroom automatically recovers highlights and shadows. Michaels examples clearly show this improved feature between the 2010 Process and 2012 Process.

Landscapes and Lightroom 5 is a useful book for those new to Lightroom and those experienced and needing an update of new features. It is 87 pages long and laced with wonderful landscape photography. The type of images that would challenge most of us in the digital darkroom!  Michael finishes the book with a good explanation of exporting from Lightroom to Photoshop.

Admittedly, I have not got around to upgrading to LR5 but for me, this book proved why I need to.  No matter whether you are a Photoshop or Lightroom user, or both, Lightroom is for many landscape photographers a total image processing tool.  This book will show you why LR5 might just be all you need.

The book lists for $14.95, but order Master Lightroom: Landscapes in Lightroom 5 by midnight on Sunday 8/4 and get a 20% discount. Be sure and use coupon code lr520 You can order Michaels book  here.