Adobe’s Listens and Steps Up With the Photography Program

Certainly you heard earlier this year about Adobe’s plan to move to a software subscription program with much of its software. The Creative Cloud was introduced as a way to have access to many of its programs by introducing a monthly usage fee to access those programs and it was offered in several layers. This is a trend that’s evolving within the software development community where buying programs and upgrading as needed or whenever you feel like it, is fading with many developers.

Adobe’s announcement about Creative Cloud months ago sparked some anger among users. While I am not sure how designers and ad agencies and corporate users felt, I was tuned into the voices of photography community and i heard a lot of anger. Many Photoshop users are not making money off their photography and even those who are, are having a tough time about it these days. So adding a new monthly bill to an already tough business or expensive hobby, was for some to much.

For myself, I have been in the business 34 years and have worked hard to not have any bills when I reach that point of doing photography only for fun. So a new monthly bill for the few times a month I do heavy Photoshop was not appealing. I started looking for other programs that already do some things Photoshop does and wondered if they were going to jump at the chance to fill a void created from all the anger PS users were displaying.

In the end though it may all be for not, because Adobe stepped up  in what appears to be a great comeback and an appealing one. Recently, at Photoshop World, they announced the Photography Program and for $9.95 a month you get Photoshop, Lightroom, 20 gb of online storage, a pro portfolio site on Behance. The original subscription price was $19.95 so this is much more appealing now and i will probably signup.

As Scott Kelby wrote in his blog, this is a limited time offer, not an introductory price which leads him and others to believe the price might just be $9.95 for a long time to come. If you want to take advantage of this price you have until December 31st to signup because in January it’s back to $19.95.

Did you or did you not signup? Please leave a comment.

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