Is a Stock Agency Right For You?

I have written previously about joining stock agencies in the past and whether an agency may or may not be a good fit for you. We all know by now that there is a glut of imagery and earning money from stock images is challenging at best.

Rohn Engh is a veteran of the stock business and has published books and photo newsletters on the business of stock photography for decades. He wrote this post recently about joining a stock agency and while much of the post covers the standard practices of the business, it is a good primer for those entering the business.

Those key points are finding an agency that matches your niche. If you are a wildlife photographer would you be better off joining Getty Images vs. Animals Animals? This is a key point to success.

What commission percentage will you get? What pricing structure does the agency have? All these and more are crucial questions to be answered before joining any agency. Rohn addresses many of the keys points to consider before joining the right agency so if you are new to stock photography, read this article.

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