Joe McNally Shares a Reality Check of Today’s Markets

Joe McNally wrote a great post about a recent royalty payment he received in the amount of $1.32. He was surprised! I am surprised!

I guess I should not be surprised. Nothing in the business of photography when it comes to making money, or lack thereof, should be a surprise anymore. As Joe writes:

“A great way to start off the year! We got a check for the use of one of my pictures, evidently a photo of a “man using laptop computer.” Awesome! With funds like this coming almost every once in a while, we are set.”

Don’t photographers with high profiles, decades of trend setting image creation, working for National Geographic, and well established business, make the big bucks with everything they shoot? Everything they do? Or are they mere mortals like every photographer scratching to make a living?

Joe lightheartedly and humorously describes the challenges we all face in photography: making money in a  business environment where photography’s appreciation is slowly eroding.

“What is the goal? To make it to 2015? That’s worthwhile to be sure, but hardly an inspired rallying cry. I mean, you wouldn’t imagine a legendary commander, grasping a blood soaked saber in one hand, tattered regimental banner in the other, standing on the smoking ruins of a battlefield, outcome teetering on the brink, urging the lads to follow him into the breach of fire with a cry of, “Let’s make it to 2015!”

Have no illusion, it’s tough but Joe makes a good point, actually several: many of us are image creators first and the challenges to earn a living or even some income, is not enough deterrent to stop making images.

 Joe is a great writer and his insightful posts are always provide valuable points to think about.

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