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Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano?

February 18, 2014 Adventure, Nature 1 Comment

Written by: Charlie Borland

These images are breathtaking! This is an amazing act of nature, seen by few I am sure, and captured masterfully by French photographer Olivier Grunewald. The volcano is on the island of Java in Indonesia and Grunewald has been photographing there for years. The full story about Grunewald and the blue lava is on the National Geographic website.

2014 02 14 13 09 27 Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano?

He is also the author of Vulkane/Volcano, available on Amazon. An English version of the book published.

volcanos grunewald 243x300 Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano?

Have you been there? If so, please tell us about your experience.

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Don’t wait, get the book:


out flash cover 300x219 Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano?

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  1. Jeff Colburn says:

    Now that’s really amazing.

    Have Fun,

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