How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Survival Tool

Our Smartphones are pretty smart these days. I am always amazed at the thing my iPhone can do and the apps that are available. The folks over at DesertUSA have a short and informative little article about your smartphone as a survival tool.

‘Stuck in the desert or backcountry? What you do next can turn a potential problem into one of those sad news stories we’ve all read, another somber, cautionary tale of people that perished in the wilderness.’

‘You may be surprised to find out that your most important survival tool is your smartphone, your iPhone or your Android, providing you have taken a few preliminary steps.’

They list a few apps that sounds great and I am certainly taking a look at those.

Read on:

Do you think the smartphone will replace a GPS device, emergency locator, a compass, or the usual tools we use for making sure we don’t get lost and can get back to civilization?

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