Showcasing the Spectacular Winning Images of Chasing the Light Juried Photo Contest

We are so excited to announce that Shelley Lake is the winner of the Chasing the Light Juried Photo Competition and showcase her stunning photo of a Woman in Red Dress captured the eye of our judge Guy Tal. Shelley wins a GoPro Hero Camera. Second place went to Brad Lewis with another spectacular image of Flowing Lava from Hawaii, and he wins a Puffin Pad. And third place went to Claire Lelli with her image: The Smoker and she wind a ProMaster Camera Rain Cover.

You can see the top 5 wining images below and watch the YouTube Video to see the top 5 and all 20 Runner Up images.

The next contest: MYSTICAL AND MOODY is now open and noted landscape photographer Gary Crabbe is the judge of this competition.

See the photos and watch the video:


1 shelley lake

First Place: Shelley Lake

“I was struck by the way so many compositional nuances come together to form a seemingly simple yet imminently compelling image. Everything about this image speaks to the power of visual composition – from use of color and form to placement of various elements within the frame and relative to each other. At first glance there is no avoiding the main subject, shrouded in a rich red against a mostly monochromatic setting, and caught in what appears to be a moment of dramatic importance; frozen motion; a gaze leading into the frame, perhaps attracted to something outside our view, perhaps afraid of it. Then the rest of the story unfolds – the striking architecture; the passageway vanishing into the distance; the pigeons unafraid of the woman and lending her an air of kindness. So many styles and genres converge: a human image, an architectural image, a street image – a whole that is much greater than the sum of its parts.” – Guy Tal, judge

2 brad lewis

Second Place: Brad Lewis

“Abstract compositions are often difficult in landscape photography as most viewers intuitively expect to recognize land features and phenomena, and usually favor representational/documentary images over those without obvious context. This image is a fantastic example of a well composed abstract that can deliver a powerful first visual impression independent of context, and becomes even more impressive once the literal elements are recognized. The juxtapositions work very well: the living, flowing hot lava surrounded by the hard, dark hardened textures of older flows; the bright red and orange framed by the cool blue surroundings; power and danger channeled into smooth and gentle flow, etc., all speak to the artist’s mastery of composition and color.” – Guy Tal, Judge

From Brad Lewis- “An early morning phone call from a volcano scientist informed me of a new spatter cone that had emerged from the side of the Pu’u O’o vent on Kilauea Volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii. I secured my legal access, and got into the area as quickly as I could. Frans Lanting accompanied me, as we were working on a National Geographic story on the volcano, and this was an event not to miss. This is a huge river of lava that was flowing directly out of the new MLK vent. I wanted to isolate the river from the vent in which it was streaming from, so I focused on this bend in the lava river, loving the composition and glowing light of the lava. I chose a longer exposure to blur the dark and cooled rock that was floating on the fast moving river of molten lava”.

3 claire lelli

Third Place: Claire Lelli

“This portrait stood out to me as exemplary in multiple ways. For starters, it does not attempt to glamorize the subject but instead tells a story about it, exposing many facts but leaving just as much room for mystery. The hand, the cigarette, the attire, all offer clues as to the man’s culture, habits and unique appearance, but without forcing a hard context on place, thoughts or character. Rather than the sterile look of well-placed studio lights, the face is illuminated by warm and somewhat harsh light that does not attempt to smooth blemishes, but rather emphasize them to striking effect. There is no looking away from the eyes. The wise, knowing look kept me guessing and wondering about his thoughts, his life, and how they are different from my own; transfixed, questioning and guessing for several minutes beyond the initial impression.” – Guy Tal, judge

From Claire Lelli-I have been on ALL 7 Continents and India was my most photogenic trip. With the Sarees and turbines, there is color everywhere!

The Next Competition

Want to enter the next competition? The theme is MYSTICAL AND MOODY.  Our judges will be looking for creative photography that evokes a mysterious feeling. It could be fog, a dark street scene, light rays through the clouds, dark and threatening storm clouds, a processing effect. or lighting you create that conveys that sense of mystery and sets a mood. Use your imagination and submit any stunning photograph that says MYSTICAL AND MOODY and have a chance to win a Giottos Tripod.

Country Road 2 700Klo


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“Raining” by Vlad Sadovsky


Bryce Jenks


“Arlington” by Rowland Dutcher


“Emerging Japanese Maple Leave” by David W Fischer


“Fire Plug” by Lori Ryerson, Focalocity


“Red It” by Jeremy Walter


“Oregon Coast Flower” by Rowland Dutcher


“Earth Radiance” by Sherry Bell


“Red buoy with sea lions in the fog” by Myer Bornstein


“Christmas Cactus Flower” by David W Fischer


“Camel Ride” by Fran Gallogly


“Kensico Swans” by Andrew Lerman


Robert F. Sahara



“My Alarm Clock” by Claire Lelli


 “Ladybug” by Mike Barbee


 Marsha Williamson Mohr


“Two intertwined Poppies” by Dusty Demerson


“Water Reflection” by Sylwia Kuzak

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