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How to Find and Photograph Fallen Roof Ancient Pueblo Ruin in Utah

April 19, 2014 Favorite Places 3 Comments
How to Find and Photograph Fallen Roof Ancient Pueblo Ruin in Utah

Photographers love Utah and all its stunning scenery! The red rock country of Southern Utah is very popular and offers some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet. Red rock walls, arches, vast canyons, sand dunes, and the stunning scenery preserved in Utah’s National Parks, it’s no wonder landscape and nature photographers flock to this area. In this video, pro photographer Charlie Borland takes you on a canyon adventure and shows how he photographed the ruin and processed his digital image files.

Scattered throughout the region are the ruins of communities built by the Ancient Ones: the Puebloan Culture of the Southwest’s Four Corners Region. While many of the largest communities like Mesa Verde and Chaco Canyon have been well preserved, there are many more, even thousands, or lesser known and even undiscovered ruins spread across the region.

The Cedar Mesa region is one such area, with Pueblo ruins spread across its many canyons and one of the most popular for landscape and nature photographers is Fallen Roof Ruin. Fallen Roof ruin is in Road Canyon, about 15 miles SE of Natural Bridges National Monument. … Continue Reading

How to Make Money When Posting Your Images Online

April 16, 2014 Business No Comments

Selling photography and photography related products is key to a successful photography business. These days we have a wide range of options to promote, market, and get paid for our photography.

Social marketing is very important to that success of promoting your work and getting paid when images are consumed in one form or another. It is a widely known fact that images marketed in social media circles have been misappropriated by a few and used without permission. In fact, we might all know a professional photographer (besides ourselves) whose images have been used without permission.

While it is so important to keep marketing aggressively these days, using the social media apparatus is one of many methods, promoting protecting our photography is for many working pros, a big concern. Fortunately, new technologies are emerging that help you earn money from your photography that is posted online and protects your online images from unauthorized use. … Continue Reading

Corey Rich Films: DEDICATED Featuring Nikon Pros With Nikon D4s

Corey Rich Films: DEDICATED Featuring Nikon Pros With Nikon D4s

I have featured Corey Rich on this blog several times featuring some of his high profile photography assignments and film projects. Corey continues to produce brilliant work as he has done here with these two videos for Nikon.

The first video: DEDICATED features Nikon Pro Photographers Dave Black, Robert Beck, and George Karbus.

The second video provides insight into the making of DEDICATED, giving a great behind the scenes look at film production.

The entire film was shot with the Nikon D4s. … Continue Reading

5 Strategies to Expand Your Career as an Outdoor and Nature Photographer

5 Strategies to Expand Your Career as an Outdoor and Nature Photographer

The business of photography has changed and if you have not changed with it you might not have a business for much longer. If you are just getting started, then looking at a broader market strategy than just scenic images will ensure a higher chance for success.

While being a full time outdoor photographer is a dream of many it is a realization of far fewer. Having an attitude of ‘building it and they will come’ as your main strategy will likely lead to failure and disappointment.

Take a moment and look at the markets that outdoor photographers have traditionally pursued: … Continue Reading

Watch: David Muench Shares His Landscape Photography Portfolio of New Mexico’s Organ Mountains

Watch: David Muench Shares His Landscape Photography Portfolio of New Mexico’s Organ Mountains

New Mexico’s Organ Mountains are being considered for National Monument status and legendary landscape photographer David Muench has photographed there many times.

The Organ Mountains is an arid and dry desert region with sand dunes, abundant flora and fauna, and wildlife. The area is also rich in scenic beauty and pre-American, New Mexican, and American history. From the Apollo Space Mission, Billy the Kid’s Outlaw Rock, the Butterfield Stagecoach Trail, Geronimo’s Cave, some World War II aerial targets, and thousands of Native American Petroglyph’s and Pictographs are scattered around this mountain region.

David first photographed the region in the 1960′s and in this video, he tells the story behind his images, vividly recalling the fine details and wonderful experience shooting here over the last 40 years.

… Continue Reading

Should Your Photography Marketing Include a YouTube Video Portfolio? Watch This:

Should Your Photography Marketing  Include a YouTube Video Portfolio? Watch This:

Success in outdoor photography is all about marketing! With so many tools available to market, which approach is best: Facebook, G+, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, 500PX? Or email, direct mail, or cold calling? They are all good and each is effective for specific markets you are trying to reach. Today, however, I want to look at YouTube and Vimeo as a marketing tool.

It is already widely known that many business are finding online video a great tool to market and some employ very creative techniques to reach an audience. So what about marketing nature photography? I Googled: ‘nature photography portfolio‘ on YT and found quite a few photographers using the platform to show their work, but sadly in many cases they only had a few hundred views. I also did not find any presentations that were in my opinion, going to knock the socks off a client who might be looking for someone to work with. That does not mean those videos are not on there, they just did not show up on the first three pages.

What do I mean; “knock the socks off?” I am referring to a video portfolio that goes beyond the collection of beautiful images set to music and nothing more. In our social media environment clients who might be looking for a photographer to work with want more than just seeing your beautiful photography. Beautiful photography exists everywhere and is not hard to find for the client seeking a picture. It is the client looking for a photographer to work with, who might use social media to learn everything about a photographer before contacting them. The greatest marketing tool I ever enjoyed for new business was the referral, but beyond that the best place to search obviously online. So what can you do to make it easy for clients to like you even before your first conversation? Here’s a video showing what I mean:

… Continue Reading

How to Get Top Value When You Sell a Stock Photo

How to Get Top Value When You Sell a Stock Photo

If you are active online and on photo sharing social media sites, it is quite possible you will be contacted by someone interested in using your photograph. That requested usage could be for a variety of things from buying a print to licensing the image in a magazine or brochure or a website.

First, it is my opinion if someone wants your image for an unauthorized use then they will just take it in one form or another and I am not covering that angle here. Instead, I want to look at legitimate requests to use your landscape nature photography and the steps that you should consider before agreeing to the sale.

The first good sign is that someone is asking to use your nature or landscape pictures, but that could easily be followed by “we don’t have a budget.” Granted we are all competing with free images these days and that makes it tougher, BUT…they know that and if they wanted free they would go get it. Instead they contacted you because your image caught their attention. So here’s what you do…. … Continue Reading

Recommended Reading: Guy Tal’s New eBook: More Than a Rock.

March 27, 2014 Books, Creativity, Nature No Comments
Recommended Reading: Guy Tal’s New eBook: More Than a Rock.

For me this is a masterful piece of work. First, I will be upfront and admit that I have only had a chance to read about half of it? But what made it so easy to write about it now and before I had finished is because I have been greatly inspired by what I have read so far. There is little doubt I will I be moved by the second half. So I feel compelled to tell you right now!

Like many photographers, I too continually seek inspiration with new ideas and thought processes and this book is very refreshing. It is not a how-to, it’s about finding inspiration, motivation, vision and purpose driven life around art.

I have followed Guy for a few years and I have made two conclusions about him: if Guy never took another picture he would still be known as a master of literary excellence. His writing is brilliant, deeply meaningful, and very inspirational.

Second, if he never wrote another word, just photographed like many of the great photographic masters, his imagery would say all that needs saying. Guys photography is both simple, complex, and quite powerful, and this book is laced with extraordinary examples.

… Continue Reading

Photographing in Nevada State Parks for Many Will Likely Require a Permit

March 24, 2014 Legal, Nature 2 Comments
Photographing in Nevada State Parks for Many Will Likely Require a Permit

Valley of Fire is an awesome place and I love to photograph there. The Nevada State Parks has, like many state parks and the National Park Service, fees for commercial photography. The NPS fees have been around a long time, (I am not sure NSP’s) and it has been long understood that if you go to a park with crew(s) for a commercial style shoot, you buy a permit.

What will make the NSP new rules different is that anyone with the intent (or not?) of making money off their pictures, is now a commercial photographer and would be required to get a permit. At least that is how I read it. Here is part of the language:

“photography engaged in for financial gain, including, without limitation, the sale of a photographic image as a product or for use in advertising, motion pictures, television productions or portfolios and the archiving of an image by a person who uses photographic skills, equipment or resources to provide a photographic product for sale.”
… Continue Reading

Here’s One Key Ingredient to Creating Great Landscape Photographs

March 21, 2014 Creativity 3 Comments
Here’s One Key Ingredient to Creating Great Landscape Photographs

Are you consistently happy with your landscape photographs or are you always feeling you could have done better?

Most photographers can usually find an image to be proud of from every photo session but it’s those times when you have more images to be unhappy about that are cause for concern.

It’s natural to wonder what you might be doing wrong that spurs a search for answers. Careful examination of how you work when in the field might point to a number of different things but one that is quite consistent with bad images is how time is spent with the subjects.

Since we all want to make photographs that are masterpieces, here’s one thing that you can change today about how you create your images.   … Continue Reading


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