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If You Are Afraid of Heights, Don’t Watch This Video

February 22, 2014 Adventure No Comments

This video made my palms sweat just watching. Two Russian climbers, decided to climb something other than rocks or a mountain by ascending the second largest building (under construction) in Shanghai China. They specifically chose the day of the Chinese New Year believing security would be lessened. They were right. The two climbers zipped right up the tower (650 meters), but its when they reach the construction crane, with little to hold on to, and breeze right up it like climbing stairs, that it gets nerve racking for us armchair climbers. The photographs they captured are stunning and scary. The tops of other skyscrapers rise through the clouds and in one photo, the climbers feet dangle over the city far below. And it appears the Chinese government was not amused and has launched an investigation. Here’s the video… … Continue Reading

Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano?

February 18, 2014 Adventure, Nature 1 Comment

These images are breathtaking! This is an amazing act of nature, seen by few I am sure, and captured masterfully by French photographer Olivier Grunewald. The volcano is on the island of Java in Indonesia and Grunewald has been photographing there for years. The full story about Grunewald and the blue lava is on the National Geographic website.

2014 02 14 13 09 27 Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano? … Continue Reading

A Q&A with Photoguru Sean Arbabi

A Q&A with Photoguru Sean Arbabi

Sean Arbabi has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. His work has been published in over 250 publications and includes some for the most notable publications like National Geographic, Outside, Newsweek, Sunset, and many more.

Sean is the author of two nature photography books, a workshop leader, and a busy commercial photographer. Curious how he photographs and runs a successful business, we asked Sean to share how he does it and show us some images.

You have been shooting for over 20 years, both assignment and stock. Please tell us about your journey and how you got started.

… Continue Reading

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Survival Tool

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Survival Tool

Our Smartphones are pretty smart these days. I am always amazed at the thing my iPhone can do and the apps that are available. The folks over at DesertUSA have a short and informative little article about your smartphone as a survival tool.

‘Stuck in the desert or backcountry? What you do next can turn a potential problem into one of those sad news stories we’ve all read, another somber, cautionary tale of people that perished in the wilderness.’

‘You may be surprised to find out that your most important survival tool is your smartphone, your iPhone or your Android, providing you have taken a few preliminary steps.’

They list a few apps that sounds great and I am certainly taking a look at those. … Continue Reading

This Long Distance Hiker Photographs His Adventure…Differently

February 8, 2014 Adventure, Travel, Video No Comments

Kolby Kirk hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. 1700 miles which for most hikers, takes most of the summer. Kolby created a video: Condors PCT Adventure and it has become popular. What is interesting is that he created it all by shooting ‘selfies’, a popular activity these days. Here is his website.

… Continue Reading

How to Add a Sense of Scale to Your Landscape Photographs

How to Add a Sense of Scale to Your Landscape Photographs

When the landscape before us is wide and far reaching and stretches to the horizon, it is natural to want to frame our image to ‘take it all in.’ Many grand landscapes are captured just like this.

Sometimes to add a sense of visual depth we bring a foreground object up close in the frame to provide a better sense of how deep the scene is. However, on some occasions, your camera position may not lend itself to framing something close to the camera and it is these scenes that might require a new approach to providing that sense of grandeur.

Placing a subject close to the camera generally requires a wide angle lens and while that helps bring that foreground subject into the frame, it also can visually ‘push’ the grand scene in the background further away. But if you are zooming out to capture a segment of the grand scene, you leave out most foreground details and this can leave your image lacking that sense of immensity. … Continue Reading

5 Tips for Photographing Whitewater Action

December 10, 2013 Adventure, Techniques 1 Comment
5 Tips for Photographing Whitewater Action

As an outdoor photographer, you probably find yourself continually searching for new locations to photograph. Maybe it’s an exotic location like the tropical rainforests of Costa Rica or the Polar Bears of Northern Canada or a wilderness adventure that will take you to remote locations.

I continually imagine the next photographic adventure to some beautiful landscape and still have many places I hope to photograph. But it was an adventure many years ago that changed how I looked at where I would go and what I would photograph: for fun and profit.

In the beginning I was strictly as a landscape photographer and that was all I was interested in. Then a new friend I met on a job invited me to raft Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River. My answer was ‘No problem, when and where?’

Seeing a chance for great wilderness scenery to photograph, I went fully prepared for anything I discovered in front of the camera. But as we spent our days floating along, I kept seeing scenes passing me by. Unable to get out of the boat at each spot and take a photograph, I was missing out. That was frustrating but I quickly learned that this was rafting trip and I should be photographing rafting when I was in the boat and scenic when I wasn’t. … Continue Reading

The Red Bull Illume Top 50 Contest Images are Awesome

October 17, 2013 Adventure, Techniques No Comments

If you are into adventure and action photography, you will clearly enjoy the top 50 images selected in the 2013 Red Bull Illume photo competition. There are great images, jaw dropping action, and some very creative techniques.

10 14 2013 12 44 09 PM The Red Bull Illume Top 50 Contest Images are Awesome … Continue Reading

My Favorite Wireless Triggering Device

My Favorite Wireless Triggering Device

I like using flash for my outdoor photography: occasionally with nature subjects and quite often with adventure imagery and there are many options to choose from. I have quite a few and I started using them many years ago in my commercial photography.

I started with the Quantum Radio Slaves as triggers and they worked great allowing me to trigger flash/strobes or trigger my camera as well. They are still out there but no longer the market leader as far as I can tell. That goes to Pocket Wizard, which I also have a few of.

Mine is an older version that still going strong and I use it as well for triggering strobes or flash. These guys make many variations and have a solid reputation for quality. I also have a TT1 and TT5 for my Canon flashes and unlike other PW’s, the TT1/TT5 allow the use of TTL with flash while other PW’s only trigger the flash. But it is this unit that I am quite impressed with. … Continue Reading

OpenSea Diary: Mora and Moynihan Film the South Pacific

OpenSea Diary: Mora and Moynihan Film the South Pacific

In a recent post we wrote about Mora and Moynihan and the preparations to embark on a sailing adventure across the South Pacific filming nature, the environment and the cultures. Here is the first of their many (to come) field reports.

Opensea Film and Photography duo, Nia and Jon Moynihan, have set sail again across the Pacific. This time we have crossed 1,100 nautical miles of deep blue water to reach the Melanesian shores  of Vanuatu – a nation known for the happiest people in the world. Along the way we have come to more realizations about the conviction it takes to
photograph the natural world. Though the long passage was filled mostly with beautiful weather, at times the extremities of the wind strength and the wave size was overwhelming.

Sometimes we ask ourselves “what makes people do it?” What makes a person head out into the middle of nowhere? Maybe for us its to be alone, away form the world, and then to arrive in new places filled with adventure and the unknown. Perhaps its also the peace and mental tranquility that comes with being the only person around for hundreds of miles, only accompanied by the repose of nature, birds, and sea creatures. Therese a sense of connectedness that comes over a person when confronted with the strength of raw nature. … Continue Reading


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