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Recommended Reading: Guy Tal’s New eBook: More Than a Rock.

March 27, 2014 Books, Creativity, Nature No Comments
Recommended Reading: Guy Tal’s New eBook: More Than a Rock.

For me this is a masterful piece of work. First, I will be upfront and admit that I have only had a chance to read about half of it? But what made it so easy to write about it now and before I had finished is because I have been greatly inspired by what I have read so far. There is little doubt I will I be moved by the second half. So I feel compelled to tell you right now!

Like many photographers, I too continually seek inspiration with new ideas and thought processes and this book is very refreshing. It is not a how-to, it’s about finding inspiration, motivation, vision and purpose driven life around art.

I have followed Guy for a few years and I have made two conclusions about him: if Guy never took another picture he would still be known as a master of literary excellence. His writing is brilliant, deeply meaningful, and very inspirational.

Second, if he never wrote another word, just photographed like many of the great photographic masters, his imagery would say all that needs saying. Guys photography is both simple, complex, and quite powerful, and this book is laced with extraordinary examples.

… Continue Reading

Photograph Hidden Yosemite & the Hoover Wilderness – a photographer’s guidebook by George Graves

September 3, 2013 Books No Comments
Photograph Hidden Yosemite & the Hoover Wilderness – a photographer’s guidebook by George Graves

Photographer George Graves has spent the past forty years hiking and photographing the central Sierra Nevada Range and is now publishing a photographer’s guide to “Hidden Yosemite and the adjacent Hoover Wilderness” with some of his favorite photographic sites.

It is hard to believe that in this popular and highly “people impacted” area that there are new perspectives and creative visions to be captured by photographers.  This eBook might be surprising in what locations are still largely unvisited and un-photographed – subjects just waiting for photographers.

By means of high quality photographic images and detailed informative text, this publication will equip photographers with the “where and how to” knowledge to bring home unique and distinctive images in these two wilderness areas. The book is only $8! … Continue Reading

Master Lightroom: Landscapes in Lightroom 5, new eBook by Michael Frye

August 1, 2013 Books 1 Comment
Master Lightroom: Landscapes in Lightroom 5, new eBook by Michael Frye

Yesterday, noted landscape photographer Michael Frye released his new eBook: Master Lightroom: Landscapes in Lightroom 5, his second book on Lightroom for landscape photographers.

Having a copy of his first book, I was looking forward to seeing his second and get a good refresher on the newest version of Lightroom.

This new book has twice as many pages as the first book and what’s really cool, is his move into multimedia features with this eBook. There are links included in the book that direct you to a private site containing new videos showing step-by-step many of the techniques featured in the book. You can also follow other links to download some of the same DNG files used in the book to again, follow the step by step adjustments.

While there are a lot of tools in Lightroom that have been there since the beginning, many have been nicely improved. Most notable as Michael writes is the Advanced Healing Brush. Other new tools include the Visualize Spots option, the Radial Filter tool, the Upright controls for perspective correction, and Smart Previews for viewing offline. … Continue Reading

How to Tell Stories With Light

How to Tell Stories With Light

As we document the world with our cameras, light is a crucial ingredient to successful photographs. It’s that light that tells the story we want told. It tells us the shape of the land with highlights and shadows. It can tell us the temperature outdoors with cool light or warm light. Light can tells us whether the subject is soft or rough or large or small.

Light tells the story of the subject!

It is these stories that are important to convey and if you have a photograph that does not tell the story you want told, consider the lighting as one reason.

Whether photographing outside or inside, we don’t always have the light we need so the solution to that problem is to Make Light! With a basic flash unit you can create light that tells the story you want told. … Continue Reading

Outdoor Flash Photography: Our New eBook

Outdoor Flash Photography: Our New eBook

A Guide to Lighting Outdoor and Adventure Subjects

The flash unit is a very sophisticated device, yet very valuable to the outdoor photographer. Sometimes nature just does not provide the best light and using flash can improve it.

Whether you need flash in combination with the natural light or need to create light where there isn’t any, this book covers it all.

The Nikon SB900 and Canon 580EXII are covered in great detail from the LCD to the buttons so you will understand what they all mean.

In this eBook you will learn how to apply flash for specific results in both intensity and quality.  But even more valuable is how to create light that tells stories. Something that is important to outdoor and adventure photographers. … Continue Reading

Ian Plant Publishes New eBook: Visual Flow

December 3, 2012 Books 1 Comment
Ian Plant Publishes New eBook: Visual Flow

Ian Plant just released his new eBook: Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition. This is the next eBook in a series Ian has written and photographed for the last several years. Teaming up with fellow photographer; George Stocking (Arizona Highways), this book is quite in-depth and lengthy for an eBook at 128 pages, which of course is good.

It’s loaded information, thoughts on creativity, and great quotes. My favorite: “You are remembered for the rules you break.”- Douglas MacArthur.

When learning photography, most aspiring students learn about the rules of composition and all their offshoot descriptions before learning there are no rules. What Ian does in Visual Flow is discuss these rules before quickly moving on to what seems more important: The Tools for Composition.

“Composition is much more than just visual structure. It is how you tell your subject’s story to your viewers…..” – Ian Plant

The book contains wonderful photography from known and unknown locations in North America and beyond. I have a copy and I can recommend this one to you.

… Continue Reading

Review: Outdoor Digital Photography

April 3, 2012 Books 1 Comment
Review: Outdoor Digital Photography

I have been not only a nature photographer during my career but also have had a passion for shooting recreation and adventure activities outdoors.

I believe that nature photographers who find themselves challenged in today’s markets would do well to shoot people outdoors as well. Not many do, but the expanded markets for people outdoor images would be welcome to most photographers I think.

One nature photographer who does both landscape and adventure photography is Jerry Monkman and it was nice to see that Jerry’s latest book addressed not only nature photography, but adventure and recreation photography as well. … Continue Reading

5 Excellent Books on the Business of Photography

February 18, 2012 Books 5 Comments
5 Excellent Books on the Business of Photography

Are you just getting started in professional outdoor photography and wondering a lot of things like how to get started or what should you charge?

Are you well established as a photographer and wonder how to increase business or how to price imagery in the new markets?

There is information everywhere on the internet to aid in most areas related to the business of photography and some of it is helpful while some is the same old rehash.

It is a challenging time and a time where photographers need to spend more and more of their time developing business which means less time doing what we all love to do: shoot!

While I find a lot of good info on the net is really scattered and I often find myself instead referencing a small collection of books in my library that are very good in regards to the business of photography.

So I thought I would share them with you: … Continue Reading

Chris Gomersall Releases New Book on Wildlife Photography

January 10, 2012 Books No Comments
Chris Gomersall Releases New Book on Wildlife Photography

European Wildlife Photographer of the Year Chris Gomersall’s new book: Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography is officially released today.  His book addresses the creative aspects of nature photography in this fresh and accessible guide, taking account of developments in photography without dwelling on technical details.

As nature photography has shifted decisively towards digital in recent years, much has been written offering guidance and tips on technical matters, but there has been little published on the creative aspects. In Wildlife Photographer, ten thematic chapters on subjects such as Space, Light, Time and Developing a Narrative are generously packed with examples, advice and suggestions for projects and exercises. The second part of this book features sixteen case studies, where Gomersall describes how he achieved some of his most outstanding images. … Continue Reading

Photoshelter Releases New eBook: Selling Stock Photography

November 17, 2011 Books No Comments
Photoshelter Releases New eBook: Selling Stock Photography

Another excellent ‘freebie’ from Photoshelter titled ‘Selling Stock Photography‘ is now available for download. As with all of PS’s eBooks this one is also packed full of great information.

The eBook covers the usual info about stock and marketing, but gives a pretty good amount of space to Photo Buyers: what they want, what they prefer, and generally how they like to do business.

It also includes a chapter on pricing and how buyers like to work. PS has done a great job in the past surveying buyers about their preferences and a lot of that is provided here. And that is very helpful to photographers selling their work.

The price is just right as well! … Continue Reading


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