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How to Make Money When Posting Your Images Online

April 16, 2014 Business No Comments

Selling photography and photography related products is key to a successful photography business. These days we have a wide range of options to promote, market, and get paid for our photography.

Social marketing is very important to that success of promoting your work and getting paid when images are consumed in one form or another. It is a widely known fact that images marketed in social media circles have been misappropriated by a few and used without permission. In fact, we might all know a professional photographer (besides ourselves) whose images have been used without permission.

While it is so important to keep marketing aggressively these days, using the social media apparatus is one of many methods, promoting protecting our photography is for many working pros, a big concern. Fortunately, new technologies are emerging that help you earn money from your photography that is posted online and protects your online images from unauthorized use. … Continue Reading

5 Strategies to Expand Your Career as an Outdoor and Nature Photographer

5 Strategies to Expand Your Career as an Outdoor and Nature Photographer

The business of photography has changed and if you have not changed with it you might not have a business for much longer. If you are just getting started, then looking at a broader market strategy than just scenic images will ensure a higher chance for success.

While being a full time outdoor photographer is a dream of many it is a realization of far fewer. Having an attitude of ‘building it and they will come’ as your main strategy will likely lead to failure and disappointment.

Take a moment and look at the markets that outdoor photographers have traditionally pursued: … Continue Reading

Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

It’s well known in the business of photography, that photographs of news worthy subjects sell and sometimes very well. I’ve written about this before and the need for outdoor photographers to create images the markets will want.

Paparazzi’s for example, have been known to make a fortune capturing images of celebrities in ‘news making’ situations. With some foresight and good ideas, so can nature photographers.

Outdoor photographers shoot just about every subject that has to do with the outdoors, nature, and how humans interact with the outdoors, but often they lack that news making ingredient. Those images often languish waiting for a buyer, if there ever is one. So what should you shoot? Here are some ideas. … Continue Reading

Here’s One Photographers Response to Requests for Photographing for Free

February 21, 2014 Business No Comments

tom on rock blue B 300x198 Heres One Photographers Response to Requests for Photographing for Free


If you need a good laugh, check out this photographers Craigslist ad in response to the many requests he/she sees for free photography services.

It’s on Petapixel. … Continue Reading

Free Online Guide to Entrepreneurship

February 19, 2014 Business No Comments

2014 02 19 9 02 21 Free Online Guide to EntrepreneurshipIf you are a professional outdoor photographer and running a business, or starting one, here is a free online guide on the important steps to launching your business. The guide covers various to setup your business, get funding if you seek it, and many important points you need to think about when running your business. And the price is just right: FREE. Get the guide here.  … Continue Reading

The 10 Commandments of Professional Photography

February 2, 2014 Business 4 Comments
The 10 Commandments of Professional Photography

Our world is jam-packed with photographers! Many position themselves as professionals, a claim anyone can make when there is no definitive criteria for qualification. But does it matter? While some see this as a problem in the world of professional photography, others view the low threshold as an opportunity to fulfill a dream.

While you might enjoy that debate, you may have already learned that titles, great equipment and even some beautiful photography means little when it comes to earning a decent living as a professional outdoor photographer. The ability to create great images has little to do with business success. What does matter is how you set up, build product and market your business. Here are 10 important considerations:

Plan and Vision

To realize your vision you must have a realistic plan that guides you along the journey.

If your vision is traveling the world and photographing anything you want with professional grade cameras in exotic destinations, then, … Continue Reading

Are You Working Hard to Be an Average Photographer?

January 21, 2014 Business, Nature 2 Comments
Are You Working Hard to Be an Average Photographer?

I am in Arizona and the sunrise this morning was quote colorful. I kept thinking that I should have been out there to shoot it. It certainly would not cost me anything other than the time to go out and shoot. And I love to photograph!

I often ask myself; just what should I photograph or create that will earn me some money? Should I rise early every day, or most days that I am here, and go capture the sunrise? It is impossible to predict what might be discovered and immortalized in a digital file from a click of the shutter.  But one thing is certain: you won’t capture any great images if you are not out there!

That’s the goal: great images! Great Images that sell! But just what is a great image for today’s market? The bulk of what you see seems average. So I ask myself again: what should I photograph that will make a great image that sells? Should I go ahead and go shoot sunrise, not for the joy, but for my business? I am often torn. My career includes many episodes of feeling guilty when I saw something and I was not out there to capture it. That fear of missing out. … Continue Reading

Joe McNally Shares a Reality Check of Today’s Markets

January 7, 2014 Business 1 Comment

Joe McNally wrote a great post about a recent royalty payment he received in the amount of $1.32. He was surprised! I am surprised!

I guess I should not be surprised. Nothing in the business of photography when it comes to making money, or lack thereof, should be a surprise anymore. As Joe writes:

“A great way to start off the year! We got a check for the use of one of my pictures, evidently a photo of a “man using laptop computer.” Awesome! With funds like this coming almost every once in a while, we are set.”

Don’t photographers with high profiles, decades of trend setting image creation, working for National Geographic, and well established business, make the big bucks with everything they shoot? Everything they do? Or are they mere mortals like every photographer scratching to make a living? … Continue Reading

Why Concept Photography is King?

November 11, 2013 Business, Creativity No Comments
Why Concept Photography is King?

Years ago a client showed me a corporate annual report produced for a financial investment company. The cover photo on the annual report was a stand of giant Sequoia trees shot vertically. The camera angle was from ground level and the lower half of the picture was the forest floor. Centered in the frame and close to the camera was a Sequoia seedling sprouting up through the forest floor with the ancient monarchs in the background. It was a beautiful shot!

The theme for the annual report was ‘Planting The Seeds For Long Term Growth’ and the client no doubt chose this image because it fit the concept they were looking for. The seedling in the foreground represented ‘planted seeds’ while the old growth trees in the rear of the photo represented ‘long term growth.’  Clients often search for stock images that speak visually and convey a specific message related to a theme and in this example it was a photo combining the old trees and the new tree. … Continue Reading

Who Shot the Photographer? A Reality Check for Professional Photographers

November 5, 2013 Business 2 Comments

It is no secret that photography as a profession is challenging these days. From more competition to a glut of stock images and dropping prices, it is simply a difficult business to prosper in.

The fine folks at Image Brief have provided a sobering graph that spells out why many photographers are challenged. From low returns in Microstock to the increasing number of aspiring pros, this graph is finely done reality check.

11 1 2013 8 23 34 AM 300x119 Who Shot the Photographer? A Reality Check for Professional PhotographersSee the post here. … Continue Reading


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