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Finally It’s Here: The $3500 Camera Bag

Finally It’s Here: The $3500 Camera Bag

I have been anxiously awaiting, like many of you I am sure, for this camera bag to hit the streets. It’s the $3500 camera bag by Louis Vuitton and it has many features that will appeal to outdoor and nature photographers.

Those features include: Damier Graphic Canvas….which I guess means it would come out unscathed as you scrape between the walls of a narrow slot canyon. It can be carried by hand or shoulder. You mean, it wont carry itself? At that price?

Secure hook and loop closure, zipped front, side, and back pockets. And an interior flat pocket. These highly innovated features are important features for all photographers and I see why it is priced to reflect those innovations. But it appears there are no straps to hold the $5300 tripod (they don’t have a tripod..yet).

Okay really, who is the audience here? I am sure that audience exists…somewhere, but not anybody I know. If you look at these pictures it is a nice looking bag, but not that different from what’s found at the the local camera store, at realistic prices. … Continue Reading

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Survival Tool

How to Turn Your Smartphone into a Survival Tool

Our Smartphones are pretty smart these days. I am always amazed at the thing my iPhone can do and the apps that are available. The folks over at DesertUSA have a short and informative little article about your smartphone as a survival tool.

‘Stuck in the desert or backcountry? What you do next can turn a potential problem into one of those sad news stories we’ve all read, another somber, cautionary tale of people that perished in the wilderness.’

‘You may be surprised to find out that your most important survival tool is your smartphone, your iPhone or your Android, providing you have taken a few preliminary steps.’

They list a few apps that sounds great and I am certainly taking a look at those. … Continue Reading

Will We Witness The End of The Digital SLR?

November 25, 2013 Equipment Software 4 Comments
Will We Witness The End of The Digital SLR?

Is the end of the DSLR near? Will we all be shooting with Smart Phones in the near future?  If you have been reading some of the latest online, there are a few opinions that  the smart phone will replace the dSLR.

I don’t buy it!

In this article by Paul Melcher, whose opinions I respect as an industry veteran (and he has a great blog), says in this recent post:

“Everyone is now fully aware that professional dSLR are going to be replaced by mobile phone cameras. It is just a question of time.” … Continue Reading

Lewis Kemper Releases Two New Apps: Lightroom 5 and Light, Color, & Composition

Lewis Kemper Releases Two New Apps: Lightroom 5 and Light, Color, & Composition

Noted landscape photographer and Outdoor Photographer contributor Lewis Kemper has been teaching Photoshop, Lightroom, and nature photography both online and at many noted venues, for years. He just released two new apps, or as these are called: DAPS, which stands for Digital Artist Presentations.

Lewis’s very popular online courses: The Photographers Toolbox for Lightroom have been very popular and is now available as a DAP: an online course for Smart Devices. He has also added: Light, Color, and Composition, a photography course for nature photographers also in the DAP format. Coming soon will be the Photographers Toolbox for Photoshop.

These are cloud based courses that can be watched anytime on a smartphone, computer, or digital tablet. The Photographers Toolbox for Lightroom includes 8.5 hours of video training on Lightroom 5 and covers how to Import and Export images, using the Library to improve your workflow, keywording, searching, rating and organizing your images. … Continue Reading

My Favorite Wireless Triggering Device

My Favorite Wireless Triggering Device

I like using flash for my outdoor photography: occasionally with nature subjects and quite often with adventure imagery and there are many options to choose from. I have quite a few and I started using them many years ago in my commercial photography.

I started with the Quantum Radio Slaves as triggers and they worked great allowing me to trigger flash/strobes or trigger my camera as well. They are still out there but no longer the market leader as far as I can tell. That goes to Pocket Wizard, which I also have a few of.

Mine is an older version that still going strong and I use it as well for triggering strobes or flash. These guys make many variations and have a solid reputation for quality. I also have a TT1 and TT5 for my Canon flashes and unlike other PW’s, the TT1/TT5 allow the use of TTL with flash while other PW’s only trigger the flash. But it is this unit that I am quite impressed with. … Continue Reading

Tresorit Offers 50gb of Free Online Storage

Online storage is becoming cheaper and cheaper and FREE is a cheap price, especially for 50gb, free for life! I have been using all the free I can get to store images after a shoot and more files that are very hard to replace. I have lost faith in backups having found many fail, so storing files in the cloud seems a smart option.

If you are interested follow this link to Lifehacker and then follow the Lifehacker link to Tresorit.

2013 04 18 0850 Tresorit Offers 50gb of Free Online Storage

How to Be An Underwater Photographer Without Getting in The Water


hydroview How to Be An Underwater Photographer Without Getting in The WaterThere are so many cool toys in photography and video. Something innovative arrives all the time and here is another one.  Maybe you have always dreamed of being an underwater filmmaker or photographer but you never became a certified diver or you don’t like the water that much.

Well the folks over at Aquabotix have solved your problem. They have developed the Hydroview underwater high definition video camera and this thing is really cool.

It is a sleek and futuristic submarine type submersible housing with two battery powered electric motors that allow it to glide around underwater and up to a depth of 150 feet. It carries a high definition 1080 video camera and it has an LED light for the darker depths.

The submersible is controlled by your iPad on the surface using a 75’ tethered cable providing full control over its underwater movements. The software for the iPad allows you to see a live view of underwater scenery and there are also optional 150’ and 300’ cable.

While a few of my diving friends have filmed the great white shark, I have not found that to appealing. This device however would allow anybody to film sharks or anything else under water from the safety of the boat.

With a little more imagination you could certainly find plenty of uses for the Hydroview. It comes with a $4000 price tag and you can find it right here.

Have you used one of these? please leave a comment. … Continue Reading

Field Testing the Canon 1DX by Jay Goodrich

Field Testing the Canon 1DX by Jay Goodrich

by Jay Goodrich

I know everyone out there is waiting in anticipation to see the noise levels on the image files for this camera, but I need to set some ground rules so you understand where this test comes from. I am not a testing lab like DxO Mark. Nor am I going to shoot images of trinkets and do-dads on a gridded platform in a controlled environment. All of those tests as far as I am concerned, are useless. Why? How many photographers out there shoot that way? I shoot adventure and architecture imagery – my studio is indoors at times, but for the most part it is not. The environments in which I work are where I need to test a piece of equipment; I don’t need to test them taking pictures of my kids’ toys. So a lab test will probably confirm something different than I would. … Continue Reading

Shooting Wildlife With Tele-Converters

Shooting Wildlife With Tele-Converters

by Manus Van Dyk

I always hear comments like “I don’t use my 1.4x and 2.0 converters because they make my images soft”.

That is true that both the converters will make a photo “softer” if you compare it to an image not shot with a converter, BUT the image does not become unusable!!

Two factors that will influence the sharpness, one is technique and the second is the sweet spot of a lens.

Technique: When you add converters you are increasing your focal length, it sounds very obvious but most people forget about the impact of that. Longer focal lengths increase the chance of camera shake. … Continue Reading

The Best Mobile Imaging Apps of 2012

February 17, 2012 Equipment Software 1 Comment

Getting great shots out of your smartphone

Beautiful things don’t wait until you’ve got your gear together; we all know how frustrating it can be when you see something worth shooting, and you don’t have your camera on you. Your smartphone isn’t a perfect substitute, but the cameras on high-end smart phones are becoming more and more impressive all the time. Here are some tools to give you quality photos and basic editing, all from your smartphone.

1. Camera Plus Pro (iPhone)

This app brings the quality of your iPhone’s camera features up a notch. For still photographs, Camera Plus pro provides Anti-shake, Burst mode, Big Button, Grid Lines, Geo Tags, and a Timer; for video capture, you get new features like filters, time lapse, and digital zoom. Probably the most interesting feature of this app is the touch exposure option—like a spot meter, you can touch the screen for correct exposure at the point you want. If you want just a few new bells and whistles for your iPhone camera, this is a convenient, easy-to-use app. … Continue Reading


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