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Recommended Reading: Guy Tal’s New eBook: More Than a Rock.

March 27, 2014 Books, Creativity, Nature No Comments
Recommended Reading: Guy Tal’s New eBook: More Than a Rock.

For me this is a masterful piece of work. First, I will be upfront and admit that I have only had a chance to read about half of it? But what made it so easy to write about it now and before I had finished is because I have been greatly inspired by what I have read so far. There is little doubt I will I be moved by the second half. So I feel compelled to tell you right now!

Like many photographers, I too continually seek inspiration with new ideas and thought processes and this book is very refreshing. It is not a how-to, it’s about finding inspiration, motivation, vision and purpose driven life around art.

I have followed Guy for a few years and I have made two conclusions about him: if Guy never took another picture he would still be known as a master of literary excellence. His writing is brilliant, deeply meaningful, and very inspirational.

Second, if he never wrote another word, just photographed like many of the great photographic masters, his imagery would say all that needs saying. Guys photography is both simple, complex, and quite powerful, and this book is laced with extraordinary examples.

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Photographing in Nevada State Parks for Many Will Likely Require a Permit

March 24, 2014 Legal, Nature 2 Comments
Photographing in Nevada State Parks for Many Will Likely Require a Permit

Valley of Fire is an awesome place and I love to photograph there. The Nevada State Parks has, like many state parks and the National Park Service, fees for commercial photography. The NPS fees have been around a long time, (I am not sure NSP’s) and it has been long understood that if you go to a park with crew(s) for a commercial style shoot, you buy a permit.

What will make the NSP new rules different is that anyone with the intent (or not?) of making money off their pictures, is now a commercial photographer and would be required to get a permit. At least that is how I read it. Here is part of the language:

“photography engaged in for financial gain, including, without limitation, the sale of a photographic image as a product or for use in advertising, motion pictures, television productions or portfolios and the archiving of an image by a person who uses photographic skills, equipment or resources to provide a photographic product for sale.”
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Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

It’s well known in the business of photography, that photographs of news worthy subjects sell and sometimes very well. I’ve written about this before and the need for outdoor photographers to create images the markets will want.

Paparazzi’s for example, have been known to make a fortune capturing images of celebrities in ‘news making’ situations. With some foresight and good ideas, so can nature photographers.

Outdoor photographers shoot just about every subject that has to do with the outdoors, nature, and how humans interact with the outdoors, but often they lack that news making ingredient. Those images often languish waiting for a buyer, if there ever is one. So what should you shoot? Here are some ideas. … Continue Reading

Watch Thomas Shahans’s Simple Technique for Photographing Creepy Crawly Things

February 23, 2014 Macro, Nature No Comments

thomas shahan 300x188 Watch Thomas Shahanss Simple Technique for Photographing Creepy Crawly ThingsI have never been that fond of bugs but this video had me mesmerized. Thomas Shahan, obviously loves bugs and when you see the brilliant and stunning macro images he captures, you might be mesmerized as well.

He photographs all sorts of bugs, spiders, and flying insects extremely close using very simple techniques. And he knows those bugs very well as he rattles off the names of each one in this video.

Thomas also is a talented artist and musician.

This video is well done as Thomas narrates (he should do natural history films) and i believe the music soundtrack is his music as well.

If you don’t get ‘bugged out’ watch the video below.

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Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano?

February 18, 2014 Adventure, Nature 1 Comment

These images are breathtaking! This is an amazing act of nature, seen by few I am sure, and captured masterfully by French photographer Olivier Grunewald. The volcano is on the island of Java in Indonesia and Grunewald has been photographing there for years. The full story about Grunewald and the blue lava is on the National Geographic website.

2014 02 14 13 09 27 Have You Ever Seen Blue Lava from a Volcano? … Continue Reading

A Q&A with Photoguru Sean Arbabi

A Q&A with Photoguru Sean Arbabi

Sean Arbabi has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. His work has been published in over 250 publications and includes some for the most notable publications like National Geographic, Outside, Newsweek, Sunset, and many more.

Sean is the author of two nature photography books, a workshop leader, and a busy commercial photographer. Curious how he photographs and runs a successful business, we asked Sean to share how he does it and show us some images.

You have been shooting for over 20 years, both assignment and stock. Please tell us about your journey and how you got started.

… Continue Reading

Are You Working Hard to Be an Average Photographer?

January 21, 2014 Business, Nature 2 Comments
Are You Working Hard to Be an Average Photographer?

I am in Arizona and the sunrise this morning was quote colorful. I kept thinking that I should have been out there to shoot it. It certainly would not cost me anything other than the time to go out and shoot. And I love to photograph!

I often ask myself; just what should I photograph or create that will earn me some money? Should I rise early every day, or most days that I am here, and go capture the sunrise? It is impossible to predict what might be discovered and immortalized in a digital file from a click of the shutter.  But one thing is certain: you won’t capture any great images if you are not out there!

That’s the goal: great images! Great Images that sell! But just what is a great image for today’s market? The bulk of what you see seems average. So I ask myself again: what should I photograph that will make a great image that sells? Should I go ahead and go shoot sunrise, not for the joy, but for my business? I am often torn. My career includes many episodes of feeling guilty when I saw something and I was not out there to capture it. That fear of missing out. … Continue Reading

How to Find the Magic In Winter Photography

December 22, 2013 Nature 5 Comments
How to Find the Magic In Winter Photography

For many photographers who live in the Northern hemisphere it is winter time and with a new season comes new opportunities to photograph.

Winter conditions can be just as exciting to photograph as the spring, summer, and fall, the conditions can present some challenges.

It’s obvious that snowy or icy winter conditions mean cold and preparing for those temperatures is a given: dress warm and protect your gear from getting wet. Beyond those, there are technical and creative considerations for great winter photography.

These include Exposure, White Balance, Contrast, and Lighting. … Continue Reading

Lewis Kemper Releases Two New Apps: Lightroom 5 and Light, Color, & Composition

Lewis Kemper Releases Two New Apps: Lightroom 5 and Light, Color, & Composition

Noted landscape photographer and Outdoor Photographer contributor Lewis Kemper has been teaching Photoshop, Lightroom, and nature photography both online and at many noted venues, for years. He just released two new apps, or as these are called: DAPS, which stands for Digital Artist Presentations.

Lewis’s very popular online courses: The Photographers Toolbox for Lightroom have been very popular and is now available as a DAP: an online course for Smart Devices. He has also added: Light, Color, and Composition, a photography course for nature photographers also in the DAP format. Coming soon will be the Photographers Toolbox for Photoshop.

These are cloud based courses that can be watched anytime on a smartphone, computer, or digital tablet. The Photographers Toolbox for Lightroom includes 8.5 hours of video training on Lightroom 5 and covers how to Import and Export images, using the Library to improve your workflow, keywording, searching, rating and organizing your images. … Continue Reading

My Favorite Fall Color Locations in Yosemite

September 24, 2013 Nature No Comments
My Favorite Fall Color Locations in Yosemite

While Yosemite National Park is not on the radar for fall colors to the extent that, for example, New Hampshire and Vermont are, landscape photographers can still “reel in some keepers” if they know the best locations and the best times to catch the respective areas at peak color.

Of course with nature, there are seasonal variations for timing of fall color due to autumn average temperature ranges, etc. from one year to the next.  The best conditions are warm, sunny days, and crisp nights without a hard freeze.  A storm sweeping in with strong winds can strip the trees of autumn leafs overnight as well.  Probably the best conditions for dramatic fall color landscape photography, is after a light snow, which flocks the brightly colored trees and bushes in a dramatic color contrast.  The downside of this situation is that usually the light snowfall is followed with freezing temperatures that turn the gold leafs to muddy brown.  Still, to be present during that short period of time is a photographer’s delight. … Continue Reading


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