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Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

It’s well known in the business of photography, that photographs of news worthy subjects sell and sometimes very well. I’ve written about this before and the need for outdoor photographers to create images the markets will want.

Paparazzi’s for example, have been known to make a fortune capturing images of celebrities in ‘news making’ situations. With some foresight and good ideas, so can nature photographers.

Outdoor photographers shoot just about every subject that has to do with the outdoors, nature, and how humans interact with the outdoors, but often they lack that news making ingredient. Those images often languish waiting for a buyer, if there ever is one. So what should you shoot? Here are some ideas. … Continue Reading

Lewis Kemper Releases Two New Apps: Lightroom 5 and Light, Color, & Composition

Lewis Kemper Releases Two New Apps: Lightroom 5 and Light, Color, & Composition

Noted landscape photographer and Outdoor Photographer contributor Lewis Kemper has been teaching Photoshop, Lightroom, and nature photography both online and at many noted venues, for years. He just released two new apps, or as these are called: DAPS, which stands for Digital Artist Presentations.

Lewis’s very popular online courses: The Photographers Toolbox for Lightroom have been very popular and is now available as a DAP: an online course for Smart Devices. He has also added: Light, Color, and Composition, a photography course for nature photographers also in the DAP format. Coming soon will be the Photographers Toolbox for Photoshop.

These are cloud based courses that can be watched anytime on a smartphone, computer, or digital tablet. The Photographers Toolbox for Lightroom includes 8.5 hours of video training on Lightroom 5 and covers how to Import and Export images, using the Library to improve your workflow, keywording, searching, rating and organizing your images. … Continue Reading

Favorite Places: Techatticup Nevada Ghost Town

Favorite Places: Techatticup Nevada Ghost Town

Eldorado Canyon has a long history. From early Spanish explorers to the Native Americans, the canyon was home to the native people and those seeking their fortunes. The Spanish found silver but never did find the gold deposits they were seeking. Today Techatticup is a popular tourist site and a great place for those seeking old and historic subjects to photograph.

Prospectors found their way to Eldorado Canyon by way of the Colorado River and by the 1860s it was home to prospectors and Civil War deserters, who found the canyon a great place to hide out. Interestingly the canyon had a population of nearly 300 people the future city of Las Vegas only had 40 inhabitants.

It was a ruthless and lawless land with fights over gold, women, claim jumping, and countless incidents of vigilante justice. There was no sheriff in the area with the  closest living 200 miles away by horseback. Eldorado Canyon was one of the earliest and richest mining districts in Nevada. The mine was started around 1858 and lasted until 1945 when it was abandoned. During this time the mines produced about $5 million dollars worth of ore. (Below are images from my visit this year) … Continue Reading

Adobe’s Listens and Steps Up With the Photography Program

September 22, 2013 Photoshop HDR 4 Comments
Adobe’s Listens and Steps Up With the Photography Program

Certainly you heard earlier this year about Adobe’s plan to move to a software subscription program with much of its software. The Creative Cloud was introduced as a way to have access to many of its programs by introducing a monthly usage fee to access those programs and it was offered in several layers. This is a trend that’s evolving within the software development community where buying programs and upgrading as needed or whenever you feel like it, is fading with many developers.

Adobe’s announcement about Creative Cloud months ago sparked some anger among users. While I am not sure how designers and ad agencies and corporate users felt, I was tuned into the voices of photography community and i heard a lot of anger. Many Photoshop users are not making money off their photography and even those who are, are having a tough time about it these days. So adding a new monthly bill to an already tough business or expensive hobby, was for some to much. … Continue Reading

The Fine Art of Editing Your Images

March 26, 2013 Photoshop HDR 2 Comments
The Fine Art of Editing Your Images

Nature photographers shoot a lot of images and at some point they have to wade through all of them and determine which are best for the markets. With digital photography it’s so easy to shoot massive amounts of images because the equipment is fast and there is relatively no cost.

In the days of shooting with a 4×5 view cameras, setting up and composing a scene took substantial effort. Film was expensive so there was much more of a tendency to work longer on composition, wait for perfect light, and to make sure the image worked. This slow process was in many ways editing in the field. You worked longer on each image, took a fewer of them, and had a higher rate of ‘keepers.’

With digital it is easy to blast away and many of us do it. The scenery perfect or the light is fading fast, so moving around with the camera to grab a lot of images is a natural response. Get it before the lights gone! The result is a lot of digital captures that have to be edited; at least when it comes to deciding what goes on your website for sale. … Continue Reading

When Spectrums Collide: Selective Processing With Infra Red

When Spectrums Collide: Selective Processing With Infra Red

by Lee Mandrell  

A Simple Infrared Selective Color Project

As they so often are, it was another perfect day in the Smoky Mountains. I’m an avid color landscape shooter, but I am always on the lookout for infrared shots as well as anything I think might separate my shots from the norm. I happened upon this scene at the end of ‘The Roaring Fork Motor Trail’, just at the edge of Gatlinburg, TN. My wife and I asked the shop owner if we could shoot the old dodge truck that resides on the property. She informed us that we could take pictures, but we had to stay on the outside of the fence, and also to let her know if we felt we got anything worthwhile. To me this meant shooting what has been shot thousands of times before me. … Continue Reading

Printing Tips : How to Print HDR Photographs

January 12, 2013 Photoshop HDR, Printing 2 Comments
Printing Tips : How to Print HDR Photographs

Real world colours cannot be easily captured and reproduced. To handle that the RAW image format was created: it allows to save the information captured by the camera’s sensor with minimal loss.

Yet printers  can only reproduce a limited amount of colour, thus the images need to be processed and other factors need to be taken into account so that the prints are as  close to the original as possible. Note that nothing you will print will ever have all the information that was captured by the RAW file, but you can obtain a good enough approximation. … Continue Reading

Could To Much ‘Photoshopping’ Get You Fined?

November 28, 2012 Photoshop HDR 5 Comments

In Australia, to much Photoshop just might cost you $220,000!

You are probably aware of the debate and controversy over image manipulation. The most blatant examples draw plenty of attention and sometimes, repercussions.

Many of these cases are related to fashion and glamor photography surrounding the use of Photoshop to create unrealistic looking women (and men I’m sure) that have been made over. The issues are many but include the use of Photoshop on a women’s face and body reshaping to sell beauty products that may not do what the picture suggests.

Britain has banned a few of ads from running due to to much Photoshop work and we have seen a few times, nature and wildlife photographers in trouble for image manipulation.Now some would like to see anti-Photoshop laws in the U.S.

But Australia has gone one step further by making to much Photoshop work in a manner that obviously misrepresents ‘the product’, punishable with up to a $220,000 fine. This article spells it out and is related to the real estate market. … Continue Reading

How I Removed the Branch From The Cheetahs Head With Photoshop

I have a client who recently went on an African Safari and during one excursion she photographed a Cheetah laying down. Within seconds the Cheetah spotted something and jumped up and she took another shot but a branch from a plant covered the Cheetahs eye and ruined the shot. At her office, she showed me the images and I thought it could be saved in Photoshop by compositing the two original images. But only if the head position was close enough in both originals. This video shows the Photoshop steps.

I think this worked great but how would you have done it differently? Please leave a comment.
… Continue Reading


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