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Do you have something of interest to PNP readers?

PNP welcomes contributions that would be of interest to our readers who are amateur, intermediate, and professional nature and adventure photographers.

Our main categories are:


Anything newsworthy about the business and the people in it. Industry news: the environment, opinion pieces, stock agencies, photographic opportunities, magazines, publishers, ethics, photographer milestones, timing of fall leaves to spring wildflowers, etc. Posts can be negative or positive in regards to things happening in the industry, photographer behavior, photographic locations, etc.

Marketing and selling techniques and tips. The goal of these posts is to educate readers about sales and marketing strategies and can include, ideas about email marketing or traditional direct mail or cold calling strategies, bidding on assignments, negotiating the sale, strategies for pricing image usage, etc. These posts should include one photograph.

Self promotions that you may be doing and here we would like to know the strategy behind your campaign as well as the success, such as “the result was 5 sales, or a book deal.”

Image sales you made. We do not need to know who your client is! The primary focus of this is to show readers that traditional sales are possible for decent usage fees. What is not of interest is that you made $38 from your microstock site or you sold prints at the art fair. Our interest is in Rights Managed sales for respectable fees proving that nature and adventure photographers can make decent money in this business. Like a full page editorial for $500 or a usage as an ad for $2400. The post should include how you established your price and how the negotiations went such as “they said” and “I responded”. The goal is to share tips and techniques on how to achieve fair usage fees for photography.

Favorite Places. PNP welcomes any contributions about unique and little known places to shoot and especially if there is a unique business perspective to the post.

New books by a photographer and in this case we would want an interview type approach in this post describing the idea behind the book and the strategy involved in shooting it and marketing it. The post should relate more to the challenges required to complete the project, any events that happened during the shooting, or anything that turns this into an adventure piece to create a book. Blatant self promotion approaches for the book will be of little interest. The books can be self published or published by a publisher but must be available on Amazon so we can link to our bookstore.

Your products. We will be glad to provide paid news releases about any products you may have created and are now selling. Contact us for current prices (COMING SOON). We do not offer paid or unpaid posts for workshops but they can be posted on our workshop pages. Visit here for current rates (COMING SOON). You can also list your products in the Store as traditional ads. Go to the Advertise With Us page (COMING SOON) for information about rates and the Store.

Note: Posts should be a minimum of 300 up to 1000 words give or take. Let us know if you have something longer.


Pro Techniques is another department within PNP and any articles on any technique that will be of interest to our readers are welcome. They might include Flash, Macro, Photoshop, Lightroom, HDR, and any special technique that makes our readers wonder how you did that.  Preference will be given to articles that are specialized in nature such as ‘How to use 4 flashes to Capture Hummingbirds’ or similar. Anything that amateurs and pros alike will find interesting and have possible uses in creating marketable imagery. Of less interest is a piece on composition or basic lighting type pieces that can be found on every photo site. If you use video screen capture and post online, we will embed the links on the site.


If you are an outdoor, nature, or adventure photographer and have an awesome portfolio, we would like to take a look and consider showing examples of your work. Please send an email to pronaturephotographer@gmail.com and include a link to your website or portfolio. If we can run it we will get back to you.


Profile is the traditional interview. Here we would look for pieces about anyone in the business. Interviews with pro photographers including nature, travel, and adventure photographers. Also publishers, stock agents, photo editors, and anyone involved in the business of professional photography including the producers of imagery and the buyers. Photographer profiles should cover their career, awards, milestones, their style and techniques, books published, a client list (only if they wish to share), and anything else that has contributed to their success. For photographer and stock agent interviews, we would like to show at least 6 images with the interview and with an emphasis on top selling images. Text should include why the photographer thinks these images have sold well. If the photographer/agent wishes they can describe the income that each image has produced either in summary or in detail. Article length can be up to 2000 words. For an example click here.


We would love to have equipment reviews as well.

Making Contact

If you have anything you feel PNP would be interested in please contact us using this form and share your ideas.

More information:

Please embed metadata on any images submitted with your posts and you may also watermark them if you wish, but the watermark should be limited to a small area in a corner. PNP cannot be held responsible for any ‘right-clicking’ or copying of photos.

At this time PNP does not pay for contributions (guest posts, articles, opinions) but will give you a byline and include a link back to your blogs, website, flickr account, photography studio site, or any web presence you may have. We will also link to your books on Amazon, products in our store, in return for your tip, article, or tutorial.

Submissions need to be original content of the writer and has not been published elsewhere and will not be published elsewhere. By contributing to any written post to PNP you agree to allow that posting to be available on the site indefinitely.

Please check your facts! Honesty, integrity, and factual truth are imperative! The writer of any post published on PNP assumes all responsibility for factual accuracy.

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