Eiko Jones Beautiful & Unique Underwater Photography

I started my journey into UW photography first in 1993 for a couple years. Then in 2011 I went on two diving expeditions in Mexico. First to Isla Guadalupe to see Great White Sharks and then to the Socorros Islands to be with Giant Manta Rays and many species of Sharks. This was the catalyst that really got me back into UW photography

Are You Sure You Want To Be A Professional Nature Photographer?

Many amateur photographers dream of being a professional and making their passion for photography pay enough to live that dream.

It’s the allure of traveling, exploring, and photographing the landscape, wilderness areas, and far off travel destinations that drives many to take what they love to do part time and turn it into a full time business.

Pros and amateurs have the same passion: to be out there exploring, experiencing, discovering, and documenting with a camera.

Exploring the Ocean with Underwater Photographer Jason Arnold

Being a third generation commercial fisherman, underwater photographer, Jason Arnold, learned to respect marine wildlife at a very young age. He earned his sea legs almost as soon as he could walk. During his formative years in high school and college, Arnold explored his love for the sea through surfing professionally. He was an East Coast champion and placed in many international pro contests.

How to Safely Photograph the Biggest Bears on Earth

Few other creatures in North America summon forth such fear, wonder, awe, and respect as the mighty bears that inhabit such places as Alaska. For many photographers, capturing an image of a monstrous, furry beast in the wild is a once in a lifetime chance.

Pro News & Views

Photographer Flies RC Helicopter Into Erupting Volcano

March 19, 2014 Video No Comments

This is amazing footage and might the closest I have seen a birds-eye view of an erupting volcano. Shaun O’Callahan took his DJI Phantom Helicopter with a GoPro camera attached and flew right over the top of Yasur volcano on Tanna island in Vanuatu. as ne mentions: “Amazingly no phantoms where harmed while filming!”
Lucky because as one commentator stated: “……. Melt the drone!”

… Continue Reading

Watch Spirit Canoe: A Superb Video Story

March 18, 2014 Video No Comments
Watch Spirit Canoe: A Superb Video Story

The creative spirit that has motivated me through 35 years of photography, often yearns to do the same with motion shot using my HDdSLR. While I will probably never get there, this video is a great example of what I find so attractive with shooting video stories. Superbly done, the creators tell a inspirational story about a man on a canoe trip.

“SPIRIT CANOE is the mystic journey of a man who is in search of himself and navigating through a passage with the memories of his once self and a special figure who lingers in his soul. He is setting out on a quest, armed with his old map and small canoe, to venture the river in hopes that a new path will reveal a novel future, unfamiliar and restoring. This is a story of the spiritual compass that no one can ever expect to understand; it’s powers, it’s unknown.”

The angles, the lighting, the editing are a great learning experience for a novice film maker like me. It’s worth 5 minutes of your life to watch: … Continue Reading

How to Photograph a Hiker In the Forest with Flash and Pocket Wizard TT1 and TT5

How to Photograph a Hiker In the Forest with Flash and Pocket Wizard TT1 and TT5

Flash is an excellent tool for photographing any subject outdoors. From wildflowers to people, action to adventure, the flash is an excellent lighting tool for outdoor and nature photography. In this video we show how to light a hiker in an old growth forest of ponderous pines with  a remote wireless Canon 580EXII flash on a light stand and Pocket Wizard TT1 and TT5 wireless radio transmitters in a Strobist style photo shoot.

The amount of photo equipment required is minimal: a light stand and bracket to hold the flash. The flash and Pocket Wizards radio triggers. The camera and tripod. He used a Canon 70 – 200 f/2.8 zoom lens and a Canon 5D digital camera. See how to lighten and darken the background with shutter speed and then the RAW digital files are taken into the digital darkroom and sorted in Adobe Bridge and some light processing in Adobe Photoshop. Watch the video:
… Continue Reading

Enter Chasing the Light Photo Competition and Win a GoPro Hero 3

Enter Chasing the Light Photo Competition and Win a GoPro Hero 3

Pro Nature photographer is proud to partner with the Chasing the Light Juried Photo Competition. The competition is now open for submissions and you can enter for a chance to win a GoPro Hero 3. CTL is an opportunity for photographers to have their photos seen by the photo community and photo buyers as well. The top 5 outstanding images will be promoted to over 1000 photo buyers.

Chasing the Light is open to all photographers and our next theme is RED. Red birds, Red barns, Red skies, Red flowers, Red rock, any stunning photography in which the primary subject is Red. Do you want a chance to have your best images reviewed by Photo Editors who are looking for new images to purchase and publish? Enter today for a chance to win. The deadline is April 15th 2014.

Our judge is internationally acclaimed landscape photographer Guy Tal. Guy is the author of 4 popular eBooks on nature and landscape photography and a sought after workshop leader.  Check out some of these outstanding images from previous winners.

… Continue Reading

Why Do We Love Our Photographs?

Why Do We Love Our Photographs?

Do you ever wonder why you might love a particular photograph you captured? I do from time to time and this is one of them. Why do I love this image? Is it a great shot or not? I think it is! Others will not.

I have images that are obviously great images. I have images that have made me a lot of money. I have images from a recent landscape shoot that are garbage. And then I have images like this one that make me smile every time I look at it.

Certainly I love the photograph enough to post it here. I like the vertical lines on the right and the curving lines sweeping left. I think the B&W conversion gave the image more impact by darkening the background and lightening the Aspen bark. … Continue Reading

Finally It’s Here: The $3500 Camera Bag

Finally It’s Here: The $3500 Camera Bag

I have been anxiously awaiting, like many of you I am sure, for this camera bag to hit the streets. It’s the $3500 camera bag by Louis Vuitton and it has many features that will appeal to outdoor and nature photographers.

Those features include: Damier Graphic Canvas….which I guess means it would come out unscathed as you scrape between the walls of a narrow slot canyon. It can be carried by hand or shoulder. You mean, it wont carry itself? At that price?

Secure hook and loop closure, zipped front, side, and back pockets. And an interior flat pocket. These highly innovated features are important features for all photographers and I see why it is priced to reflect those innovations. But it appears there are no straps to hold the $5300 tripod (they don’t have a tripod..yet).

Okay really, who is the audience here? I am sure that audience exists…somewhere, but not anybody I know. If you look at these pictures it is a nice looking bag, but not that different from what’s found at the the local camera store, at realistic prices. … Continue Reading

Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

Here’s One Photography Idea That Sells in Today’s Markets

It’s well known in the business of photography, that photographs of news worthy subjects sell and sometimes very well. I’ve written about this before and the need for outdoor photographers to create images the markets will want.

Paparazzi’s for example, have been known to make a fortune capturing images of celebrities in ‘news making’ situations. With some foresight and good ideas, so can nature photographers.

Outdoor photographers shoot just about every subject that has to do with the outdoors, nature, and how humans interact with the outdoors, but often they lack that news making ingredient. Those images often languish waiting for a buyer, if there ever is one. So what should you shoot? Here are some ideas. … Continue Reading

Watch Thomas Shahans’s Simple Technique for Photographing Creepy Crawly Things

February 23, 2014 Macro, Nature No Comments

thomas shahan 300x188 Watch Thomas Shahanss Simple Technique for Photographing Creepy Crawly ThingsI have never been that fond of bugs but this video had me mesmerized. Thomas Shahan, obviously loves bugs and when you see the brilliant and stunning macro images he captures, you might be mesmerized as well.

He photographs all sorts of bugs, spiders, and flying insects extremely close using very simple techniques. And he knows those bugs very well as he rattles off the names of each one in this video.

Thomas also is a talented artist and musician.

This video is well done as Thomas narrates (he should do natural history films) and i believe the music soundtrack is his music as well.

If you don’t get ‘bugged out’ watch the video below.

… Continue Reading

If You Are Afraid of Heights, Don’t Watch This Video

February 22, 2014 Adventure No Comments

This video made my palms sweat just watching. Two Russian climbers, decided to climb something other than rocks or a mountain by ascending the second largest building (under construction) in Shanghai China. They specifically chose the day of the Chinese New Year believing security would be lessened. They were right. The two climbers zipped right up the tower (650 meters), but its when they reach the construction crane, with little to hold on to, and breeze right up it like climbing stairs, that it gets nerve racking for us armchair climbers. The photographs they captured are stunning and scary. The tops of other skyscrapers rise through the clouds and in one photo, the climbers feet dangle over the city far below. And it appears the Chinese government was not amused and has launched an investigation. Here’s the video… … Continue Reading

Here’s One Photographers Response to Requests for Photographing for Free

February 21, 2014 Business No Comments

tom on rock blue B 300x198 Heres One Photographers Response to Requests for Photographing for Free


If you need a good laugh, check out this photographers Craigslist ad in response to the many requests he/she sees for free photography services.

It’s on Petapixel. … Continue Reading


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