Backpacking and Photographing Isle Royal National Park

by Tom Kirkendall

Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is located in Lake Superior, closer to Minnesota and Canada, but belongs to Michigan. Isle Royale National Park is a 40 some mile long stretch of rock breaching the surface like a giant gray whale frozen in place.

Trails can take you the length of the island east to west or bisect it north to south. This maze of trails allows for numerous hiking possibilities.

This past spring I found myself in Minnesota on a separate adventure but the need for more adventure drew me to the rock in the lake for a second trip. Leaving from Grand Portage Minnesota I rode the Voyageur II ferry to the island and into promising weather with visions of a good hike.

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After the Forest Fire: Photographing as Nature Heals

Personal photography projects are important! If you are a busy photographer, maybe on assignment or working on projects for someone else, this often leaves little time for your own personal photography.

This has been my case in what seems forever. When summer arrives and the flowers are abundant, alpine areas are freeing of snow, and the forests are lush with new growth, I am busy, often to busy.

Personal projects have no limits on your creativity allowing you to experiment with new techniques and this is how we grow as photographers.

Here it is, almost the end of July and for me that means summer is close to half over. Where did it go? June, July, August, and usually September are the best months. But early July to mid-August are the best in the local mountains for the flowers and water.

I am always on the lookout for a project but that ‘always busy’ part gets in the way. With business on the slower side this year an opportunityfinally presented itself. A forest fire near my home!

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What Do Photo Buyers Think? A New Report Released

Have you ever wondered just what photo buyers think? If not you should be. Photo buyers are your bread and butter, your meal ticket, and are the key to the success of your outdoor and nature photography business.

Mikael Karlsson in association with Photosource International has just released his new eBook/survey on just what photo buyers think, about many different things related to working with stock photographers.

  • The key to successful marketing is to know and understand the needs of your target audience. In this fast paced world of ours knowing the needs of your potential clients isn’t always enough. You must know enough about your marketing  targets to get them to look at your promotional materials in the first place.

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Favorite Places: Desert Wildflowers on Steens Mountain, Oregon

Are you looking for a spectacular place to photograph this summer? Steens Mountain is that special place and is one of Oregon’s most treasured landmarks. The Steens Mountain Management and Protection area is an incredible 500,000 acre located in the desert of Southeast Oregon.

Some think there is not much out there, but of course it depends on what you are looking for. Thousands of square miles of windswept desert, a few scattered ranches, plenty of wildlife, and this incredible mountain jutting up from the desert floor. Sounds perfect and it is.

Nearly 10,000 vertical feet and 30 miles long, Steens Mountain is an enormous fault block, the largest in North America, that rose up millions of years ago to cut a bold line between the greener western slope and the desolate desert on the east side.

But what may interest you is that Steens Mountain is a photographer’s paradise, perfect for nature photography. Containing 170,000 acres of protected wilderness with glacial cut valleys, aspen filled gorges, and wildflower laden meadows.

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