Colorado Fall Colors in Full Display

Colorado fall foliage is a favorite among nature photographers and most color appears to peak by this weekend. I am in the state for about two weeks speaking at the Telluride Photo Festival last weekend and then running a workshop in Ouray that starts tomorrow.

I have not seen everything but have had the chance to photograph in a few areas as well as get some reports from other photographers. I have been on the Hwy 145, Telluride side of the San Juan Mountains and also along Hwy 550, the Million Dollar Hwy, between Molas Pass and Ouray. Here is what I know and have heard as of today.

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The Prairie Burrow Companion

by Jay Ryser

I’m not a bird-guy.  Most of my photography friends are major bird-guys (I should specify that when I say bird-guy, I don’t mean a human-avian hybrid with feathers and a beak.  I thought it was probably pretty obvious what I meant, but I wanted to avoid any confusion). Much of their work is capturing herons and egrets, hawks and eagles.  I have nothing against birds, I’m just a mammal kind of guy – give me a fox or a pika any day.  I did have the opportunity to take a trip with friends to the Pawnee Grasslands in eastern Colorado and had the good fortune to find a burrowing owl nest with three owlets.   The bad fortune was that we were never able to get particularly close (we’re all very sensitive to any signs of distress in our subjects and won’t push limits when the welfare of our subjects is in question).

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