Interview With Pro Nature Photographer Ralph Clevenger

Pro Nature Photographer is proud to have the opportunity to interview veteran nature photographer Ralph Clevenger.

Please tell us how you got started and how long you have been in the business.

“I got started in the business of photography when I was going to Brooks Institute. Being a commercial photography school I was constantly reminded about how to make a living taking photographs. I licensed my first images while I was a student and learned that no matter what my “day job” was I could produce work and submit it to commercial and editorial clients for publication. My business model hasn’t really changed in the last 30 years, stock, assignment, and a day job. My day job is teaching photography and video production at Brooks, I’ve written books and lead workshops, my stock is represented by Corbis, and I do half a dozen assignments a year.”

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ProFolio: Nature Photographer Richard Wong

My name is Richard Wong and I’m a Los Angeles-based travel and nature photographer. I started to develop an online presence for my photography and submitting travel photos to stock agencies in 2005 because I needed the money. I had just completed grad school and needed a job (along with student loan payments about to kick in) so the only way I could afford to take photos was to start making money at photography. Every year since then, except for one, my revenue has increased by nearly double year over year. My photos have been used by the likes of Whole Foods Market, Tri-Counties Bank, Aquarium of the Pacific, the Vancouver Winter Olympics, AAA, Outdoor Photographer, Cramer-Krasselt, Fodors, and various publishers, businesses and non-profit organizations. Other photographic services I have provided include digital workflow consulting, modeling photo retouching and a photography presentation for the Sierra Club. My website can be found at:

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Interview with Christina Mittermeier of the iLCP

by: Jeff Krase

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Recently, there was an opportunity to talk with Cristina Mittermeier, the President of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), about their recent activities working to help protect the Great Bear Rainforest and at the same time gain a better insight into the operations of the iLCP in general.

Can you tell us a little about how the iLCP is run?

CM: The iLCP is a non-for profit organization. We are based in Crystal City, VA and have a staff of 7 people. We raise money for projects that use photography to advance conservation goals and we engage photographers from around the world in these projects.

What are your roles in the organization as President and Photographer?

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Sacred Headwaters, Sacred Journey: A Conservation Project by Paul Colangelo

Photography is a powerful medium! We all photograph for our own reasons and purposes. From the  simple joy of the outdoors to creating imagery for a photography business, our motivation and purpose is unique to each and every one of us.

There is also unique group of conservation photographers whose purpose and motivation to photograph goes beyond simple self interest and who instead dedicate their energy and photography to important and worthy causes. Paul Colangelo is one!

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, his Sacred Headwaters, Sacred Journey conservation project aims to protect a vast region in Northern British Columbia wildlands that is under threat of energy development. Paul’s project was awarded the NANPA Foundation 2010 Philip Hyde Grant and Mountainfilm’s inaugural Commitment Grant.

In addition, this November, The Big Wild is offering an extra $10,000 worth of grants to three worthy Canadian conservation projects. Paul’s Sacred Headwaters, Sacred Journey conservation photography project is among the finalists, and they are asking the public (that’s you) to vote. Please vote for North West Watch – Sacred Headwaters to help secure funding for this important project!

To learn more about Sacred Headwaters, Sacred Journey, read Niki Barrie’s (editor of Currents magazine) article about Paul and his project, originally published in the Summer 2010 issue, after the jump.

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clark verdergrift photograhy photo body painting nature trees people

Clark Vandergrift’s AMAZING Tree People Project

It is always refreshing to see a photographer creating images that are unique and interesting.  As most shooters know, today’s markets are crowded and getting attention from buyers is increasingly challenging. Especially for outdoor and nature photographers who tend to overlap in their subjects, the need to stand out is important.

When we see a photographer shooting outdoor work, and work that impressively stands out, we want to learn a little more and that’s how we came across Clark Vandergrift and his Tree People Project.

Clark is a professional photographer out of Baltimore who shoots landscapes and outdoor lifestyle imagery and also is venturing into the world of video. Clark recently released a self promotion campaign of his tree People project and sent it to art directors and photo buyers. There are 11 postcards in a wooden box embossed with his name and the project title. Clark sent 300 of them to a carefully selected mailist and in short time had over 25 call backs. That’s incredibly impressive response in the saturated world of photographer promotions.

What caught our eye though was Clarks idea and execution of these incredible images.

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Business Sucks! So What Are You Going To Do About It?

I think it is fair to say the business sucks in professional photography these days. I know a lot of photographers out there and generally those I chat with mention that they are busy trying to make money.

You know how it works; while one might be really slow this month, someone else is having a busy month. Next month or soon thereafter the situation will be reversed, but I think it is fair to say that “it aint like it used to be.”

So what are you gonna do about it?

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