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3 Examples of Money Making Outdoor Holiday Images

Now that Christmas has passed for another year and the New Years festivities soon begin, you can start planning for 2011 by creating some marketable outdoor images with a Holiday theme.

Christmas lights, ornaments, and Holiday items are all on the clearance racks and make for some good deals.  I often go in search for something new, such as a new style of Christmas lights that I can use for some outdoor related photo.

Buyers of Holiday images often search, review, and license images in spring and summer months so their products are available to product buyers in the fall who are purchasing for the Holidays. So producing them now make sense.

For myself, I like to add Holiday lights and ornaments to outdoor subjects or objects and the efforts have resulted in some good selling stock images. The following three examples are of images using Holiday props that have been licensed several times.

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The Magic of Photographing Polar Bears in Churchill

By: David G Hemmings 

The air is crisp and cold. There you stand out on the open tundra scanning the snow drifts and open fields for the majestic and magnificent Polar Bear. Then it happens, right before you some 100 yards away you spot a polar bear mom with her 2 cubs. Your heart skips a beat as you behold a sight that will stay with you forever. Not only will the sight stay with you forever but so will the images that you are there to capture. On this amazing trip you will go to one of the best places on the globe to see and photograph mother polar bears with their cubs. We will likely see them as they emerge from their wintering dens to come outside and frolic about in the snow. You will see the motherly love that mom shows her cubs as the cubs tussle and roughhouse with mom.

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ProFolio: Steven Friedman’s Wide World of Panorama ‘s

Steven Friedman was born in 1964 in Ottawa, Canada, graduated from University with a degree in Economics and pursued a successful career as an Economic Consultant. First working with a pre-eminent Canadian economic think tank, and then breaking out on his own, it wasn’t until he found an SLR camera on an autumn hiking adventure in the Gatineau Park that he took his first photograph. This new found craft quickly became his passion and before long he established himself as a respected fine art photographer.  Steven’s prior life as an Economist seems incongruous with the artistic side of his brain that creates such beautiful art, yet they are similar. As an Economist, he made sense of often random appearing data; in his photographic work he makes sense of the chaos of nature.

Steven’s vision is to find the fine details within fabulous compositions of a unique big scene. Photographing a forest with a large format panoramic camera is an extraordinary

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Photographing Snowy Owls: Getting The Shot

By: David G Hemmings

Getting the shot, that’s what it is all about for the avid bird in flight photographer.

The thrill of the moment when all the stars are aligned, the lighting and conditions are just right and it all comes together for that magical moment when the shutter clicks and you just know that you captured a remarkable image of a bird in flight.

There are few species that capture the imagination for bird and nature photographers more than the Snowy owl. This is one of nature’s most magnificent raptors and a real favorite subject of mine.

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Sean Heavey Captures A Once-In-A-Lifetime Photo

All photographers search for that once in a lifetime shot. Something guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind image that will reap windfall sales and global exposure. For some the pursuit of that ‘career image’ is realized and for others the search continues.

But for a lucky few it happens from being at the right place at the right time.

That is the case for Montana photographer Sean Heavey who joined some ‘storm chaser’ friends when they came across a developing super cell storm near Glasgow Montana. What Sean captured was nothing short of breathtaking and the image was shown in the 2010 National Geographic Photo Contest and has essentially gone viral across the globe. We caught up with Sean to ask about the image and the experience capturing it.

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1. 95-93731-16. Japanese maple, Japanese Garden, Portland, Oregon. This image has sold many times, as a book cover, magazine cover and in various articles. I think editors are drawn to the striking architecture of the branches offset by the blazing orange color. I shot this on 6x7cm format, Fuji Velvia film, wide angle lens and laying flat on the ground looking up at the tree for more dramatic effect. 2. 96-2704-16. Hosta border, Joy Creek Nursery, Scappoose, Oregon. 6x7cm format, Fuji Velvia film. This has sold as book and magazine covers and has been used in catalogs and magazine articles. I think this sells because it is a well-designed border, a nice study in color and contrast within the same plant. The weaving path gives it more visual interest. 3. 00-9311-15. Lavender border, Joy Creek Nursery, Scappoose, Oregon. This has sold as a cover shot and as stock in magazines and books. It has a nice composition and the plants are captured at peak bloom. There are other kinds of plants off to the side and in the background to make the image more interesting. Lavender is a diverse plant, with many uses and a universal appeal. I'm currently shooting a book on lavender for Timber Press. 4. Scenics 35. Hummingbird and delphiniums. Birds and other wildlife captured in the garden are a big seller, and hummingbirds have a special appeal. This image sells well because of the purple hue of the flowers that complement the coloring of the bird. Hummingbirds are especially challenging to shoot because of their quick movements. I shot an entire roll of film to get this one shot. 5. 00-0246-9. Alliums and golden rain trees, Van Dusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC Canada. This is a border duplicated from a famous garden in England. It has a general appeal for the pathway, which leads the viewer into the picture, and the complementary colors of purple and gold. I used this image on a Christmas card one year, and a magazine bought it as a result. 6. 97-07561-11. White bleeding heart. This has sold as a calendar image and as stock. I think the appeal lies in the simplicity of the image, with the contrast of the clean white flowers against the soft blue and green background. 7. 01-2476-4 and 00-2370-11. Mixed border, Thomas Vetter garden, Portland, Oregon. Images of a garden in multiple seasons are good sellers. Capturing the same scene at different times of year shows the progression of the growing season. Ideally, editors like to see the same view in winter, but I am seldom able to capture this season because of the rarity of snowfall at low elevations in the Northwest. 8. Scenics 23. Adirondack chairs at Curry's Cottages, Blue Mountain Lake, New York. I am known primarily for my garden shots, but I enjoy taking landscape images as well. I am from the Adirondack region of upstate New York and published the book "Gardens Adirondack Style." This photo of Adirondack chairs is my best seller of all my Adirondack scenic images. It captures the essence of the place. 9. 05-3489-31. Adirondack Balloon Festival, Glens Falls New York. I travel back to New York most years for the Northeast's largest balloon festival, held each September in my hometown. Many of my images have been used on festival posters, programs and postcards. This particular shot works well for a poster because it captures the magnificent feeling of the mass ascension of balloons. The printer was able to drop in type in the space at the top right.

Master Garden Photographer Janet Loughrey

Gardening is huge across this country and is estimated to be a multi billion dollar industry. Any industry that large has many businesses looking to carve out of a slice of it and this generates opportunities for even more businesses, including photographers.

Garden photography is nature photography and is a popular niche with many pro photographers shooting for stock, magazines, books, and even advertising. Janet Loughrey is is one of those, carving out a successful career in a niche market.

I have known Janet for many years and like me, we started out shooting a lot of different subjects to make a living. But Janet had a passion for a niche, one she pursued for decades and it has paid off as she has become one of the most recognized Horticulture photographers in the market today.

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ProFolio: Canadian Nature Photographer Stephen Elms

My name is Stephen Elms and I am from a small town in Ontario Canada.  I have been a Police Officer for fourteen years.  Having spent eight plus years on both a SWAT Team and Explosive Disposal Unit, I realized the true benefit and enjoyment I received from photography.  Taking pictures became a form of relaxation for me, as I found the entire process (from picture taking to editing) very therapeutic, and a stark contrast from the stresses of my full-time job.  It was two years ago that I realized it was time to focus more on my true passion in life, taking pictures.  

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Are You Grabbing Attention With Your Marketing?

I drive down a busy two lane highway several times a week and as I approach the small Central Oregon town of LaPine, I often find myself letting off the gas or hitting the breaks due to something that I saw out of the corner of my eye.

Something grabbed my attention interrupting my day dreaming and even though I have seen this thing many times, it still causes a knee jerk reaction to slow down or brake.

It is an old cop car! A black and white police-mobile with no lights or signage anymore, but that distinctive black car with white doors. It has faked me out many times and it is because the owner of a small business located there moves it around to different spots, partially hiding it behind his products, building, or other vehicles, knowing full well it causes people to slow down and look.

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