Tips on Telling the Visual Story of Your Next Adventure

You are well into planning a photographic adventure of some kind and it could be a trip like rafting, backpacking, camping, climbing, an RV adventure, or maybe an African safari.

As a photographer, you plan on capturing the scenery and wildlife photo opportunities that this adventure is all about. But have you considered documenting the adventure itself?

From a marketing stand point, the images of people outdoors on an adventure are just as marketable as the scenic and wildlife images and may actually be more in demand.

Photographing any adventure trip is best done when the photographer is a participant on the adventure. This in itself allows for a unique perspective of the event and activities taking place.

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What Are You Going To Do Today To Make Some Money?

Money! Everybody wants it. Everybody needs it! But that increasingly elusive commodity is something required to live life and the ugly truth is that it is harder to come by for many people.

Each day when I get to my office I often ask myself this question: “What am I going to do today to make $500.00?”

Some days I have a plan and some days I do not. Some days I do close a deal and some days I do not, but the very reason I ask this question is to keep my head in a marketing and selling mindset. That power of positive thinking that keeps me focused on the task at hand: promote myself, my business, and my imagery, every single day in one form or another.

I don’t always make $500.00 in a day or even a dime on other days, but the focus and plan of action required is there in my mind.

One of the best strategies to stay focused on the task at hand is to set goals and we have heard this many times, but it really helps.

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What Shooting With A View Camera Taught Me

Once upon a time, many professional landscape photographers used the 4×5 view camera to capture their nature photography on large format film.

I did and I loved shooting with the 4×5 view camera. But I haven’t used one in years.  Why? I love digital as well but the cost of film and processing is the biggest reason.

Throw in the digital world of stock photography which requires high quality film scans for digital distribution and then the need to store the same film in an archival environment.

Many photographers still shoot large format nature photography using film. Are they die-hards who refuse to give into the digital tidal wave or artists holding on to a tried and true system for superior quality images?

It’s probably both. For some there’s a rejection of the technology that’s consuming the art form and others it’s the refusal to let the joy of shooting with a view camera die for them.

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