The Magic of Discovery: Carl Battreall Captures the Drinking Moose

There are few images that captures the wilderness essence of Chugach State Park more than this photograph. I went down to this popular spot to get a reflection image of Polar Bear Peak. While I was setting  up the tripod and beginning  to compose, three moose appeared behind me. The two cows went to my left and the young bull walked to my right and into the water.

At first I was annoyed, he was ruining my shot! But then I realized he was  going to walk right into my composition. I had to think quickly, he was walking and drinking at the same time so I knew I needed make some quick exposure adjustments in order to stop his motion.

I had the camera set at f11 and the shutter was at 1/15th of a second, too slow. I had two options, increase the ISO or open up the aperture. The camera I was using was a poor high ISO performer and noise could be an issue in the shadows, even at ISO 200 (which was what the camera was set at). So I decided to sacrifice depth of field for a cleaner image and opened up the aperture to f5.6, making the shutter 1/60th. Luckily, I had a two-stop graduated ND filter already on the camera, so that really helped keep the mountain and sky from being over exposed. 

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Why Kids Are Great Outdoor Stock Photo Subjects

Many outdoor photographers are parents as well and one subject that they should be shooting is their children in the outdoors.

Not so much the ‘happy snaps’ but images of the kids active in a variety of outdoor activities from hiking and backpacking, to fishing, canoeing, biking, and other outdoor adventure activities.

The markets are there despite the downturn in the stock photo economy. Many major magazines have published family outdoor issues form Outside Magazines Guide to Family Vacations and Backpacker Magazines Guide to Family Camping.

And that is only two. There are many camping magazines along with other publications that cater to ‘anything’ family and who often publish images of family and/or children participating in outdoor activities.

If you are traveling to great locations and only shooting nature you might want to consider children enjoying the same outdoors you do like some of these shots.

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Floris van Breugel Captures Amazing Marine Bioluminescence

We love to discover amazing nature photography and that is just what we found when looking at Seattle photographer Floris van Bruegel recent blog post.

He captured a natural phenomenon known as Marine Bioluminescence where living marine organisms emit light like Firefly’s.

He captured numerous images in different states of Luminescence and then created a great storytelling image that is stunning.

Here is Floris’s entire article on the process of capturing the image, re-posted with permission.

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For Love of B&W: 5 Examples of Nature Images

I have always enjoyed black and white photography. There are many masters of the medium who have created phenomenal photography from Ansel Adams to John Sexton and Bruce Barnbaum. And there are many more than I could name here or even know of.

When I attended Brooks Institute in the 1970’s, we spent the first year doing nothing but B&W and I often joked that I bathed in B&W chemicals and slept on the drying racks.

I guess it was no joke when later I found I was allergic to something in the B&W chemicals and that ended my days in the darkroom.

My appreciation for B&W never ended but I never really created B&W fine art nature photography until I began dabbling with Photoshop B&W Adjustment Layers. Still I was not that enamored.

Last month Topaz announced B&W Effects and I am hooked finding myself digging up RAW file in Lightroom to process in B&W and here are 5 recent examples.

The other reason for this post besides showing some of my work is to invite you, our readers to submit your ideas for our ProFolio feature showing portfolios of B&W imagery. If you have some phenomenal B&W imagery let us know where we can view it and consider featuring you.

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