How To Convert Old Images into Current and Compelling Concept Photos

Much has changed in nature, stock, and professional photography in general over the last decade and many working photographers are dealing with those changes daily.

When I look at today’s markets for nature photography I see many huge market changes and still see some markets that remain the same. Calendars for example still need beautiful landscape imagery as well as specialty subjects to fill their calendars like: Cats, Dogs, Love, and other themed calendar titles.

Advertising has changed and how advertisers license images has changed as well with Microstock models and the decline in print and the growth in online advertising.

How photographers deal with these changes and find areas of the market where they can shine will vary from one to the other. With the increasing cost of travel and tight markets for nature images, planning month long road trips across the USA gets a lot more scrutiny than in years past.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Talk To Strangers & Photograph Them

Your mom was right, when as a child, she warned you about talking to strangers. But as a professional outdoor photographer you should (with caution), talk to strangers who might be performing an outdoor activity that makes for good stock images.

I have come across many people engaged in outdoors activities that no doubt made for great stock images. These included rock climbers, fisherman, kayakers, bicyclists, and many others just enjoying the outdoors.

While they do their activity you should be snapping away and I usually snap a few and then stop and ask how they feel about being photographed. I usually do that when they see me take their picture. I never interrupt them and if I think the picture is so awesome I have to get a release I will wait until they are done or there is an opportunity to talk to them.

I usually say: “Hi, I saw you fishing and thought it made an awesome photo with you casting and the sun behind, so I snapped a few. Would you like to see them?”

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How to Properly Attire Your Outdoor Models

Have you seen an image published of a bright orange wedge tent in a beautiful wilderness setting?  Maybe you have but more likely you have not. Orange backcountry tents have been gone for a long time and so are the images we see published.

The same happens with clothing on people outdoors. If you shoot adventure recreation imagery for your photo library one of the first things you should consider is what clothing your subjects wear.  Fashions change every year including outdoor apparel so to keep your images looking current and selling in the markets  your subjects should be wearing the latest and greatest gear.

While some people willing to model for you have the latest clothing, other may not and what is important is to create images that have a long shelf life, or as long as you can make it.  It is not feasible to purchase apparel for your photo shoots because that increases your over head and makes it harder to capture your return on investment in a lower paying market.

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The Mysterious and Evocative Landscapes of David Lorenz Winston

The portfolios of David Lorenz Winston:

“I’m often asked why I don’t take my camera with me all of the time. Photography is a settling in process, not unlike meditation. I need time to quiet the racing mind to feel the interconnectedness of everything that I encounter. Photography is a commitment to sinking in to a place and seeing clearly. That’s when the opportunity to interpret what I sense becomes most available. When I carry my camera its out of a decision to spend time and to explore possibilities in depth.

For a number of years, I was particularly interested in traveling to new and exotic lands. An alluring photograph or enchanting story was all it took to get me planning for my next sojourn. While these travels were enlightening and eye opening on many levels, it gradually dawned on me that my best work was consistently accomplished locally.

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