Learning How to See The Light

Light is the very essence of photography! It can be magical, is often unpredictable, and the right light is crucial to successful photography.

Light has an important role for every photographic subject. It tells the story of the scene before our cameras by emphasizing the shapes and colors of our subject. It can set the mood for a scene and provide us information about ambient conditions.

Dark cloudy skies at the coast often create dark, muddy light that might suggest colder temperatures and threatening weather. Clear blue skies and harsh light in the desert might suggest the opposite: hot!

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Here is One Example of Why You Always Negotiate Price First

I received a call a few weeks ago from a photographer friend who was my assistant 20 years ago. He is an outdoor adventure photographer and has a successful business these days.

He needed advice and my opinion.

He had just wrapped up an assignment for a major beer company, one you all know and if you drink beer, you probably have drunk theirs.

They had contacted him at the last minute to shoot some outdoor imagery with people at a location in the mountains where the beer company was involved in an ‘outdoor promotional program’ at an event.

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7 Exercises to Stimulate Your Creativity

Do you ever just feel like you are just not ‘seeing it’? While you search far and wide for great shots you’re not finding them and your creativity feels a little off-kilter.

This happens from time to time to all photographers and it has happened to me more than a few times.

And while there is not magic switch to flip and suddenly become creative, there are a few exercises that just might help you feel more creative and make finding or creating the shots a little easier.

Here are some ideas:

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