Globetrotting with International Travel Photographer Christian Heeb

You could easily say that Christian Heeb has ‘been there – shot that’.  This Swiss born photographer, living in the US for the last 20 years, has photographed in over 70 countries and has over 140 books credited to his name. His photography has also appeared in hundreds of publications across the globe including Outside, GEO, Conde Nast Traveller, Grands Reportages, and Rolling Stone.

Despite difficult times for professional photographers in business and the challenges with international travel, Christian and his wife and partner Regula, continue to hopscotch across the globe photographing new books, publishing a series of calendars, teaching international workshops, selling lots of stock, and simply thriving in this business.

Curious how he photographs and runs a successful business, Christian agreed to tell us how he does it.

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Jacob Lucas’s Awesome Night Shot of Palouse Falls

Recently I saw this cool shot online and contacted the photographer; Jacob Lucas and asked him where the falls were and how he created a uniquely different approach to photographing a waterfall at night.  Here he describes how he did it:

“This waterfall is located in the Eastern part of Washington state in the USA. The region of the state is called Palouse, which is a large area of rural and agricultural land, but also home to Palouse Falls State Park, where this exists.

I knew that I wanted to photograph the falls at dusk and if the clouds cooperated (i.e. decided to take leave for the weekend) try to photograph the stars and the night sky, too. I left Seattle around 5pm which was a little too late for sunset by the time I got there, so I made do with the clear night sky knowing I could return the following night for sunset. I’m glad a did, because the night sky was covered by cloud on the next day. Regarding specifically how I would photograph the falls, I didn’t exactly know how before I got there.

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