14 Great Fall Color Locations in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains

Its fall right now and one of the most vibrant locations in the Western U.S. is Colorado and the San Juan Mountains region.

While there are many great locations to photograph during fall color display, the San Juan’s and many parts of Colorado are exceptional and popular with photographers.

If you are thinking of heading out there you better get going because those colors traditionally peak at the end of September.

And if you do head out there, here are 10 spots you will want to photograph.

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Here’s Some Tips For Fall Foliage Photography

It’s that time of year again when the leaves change in many parts of the world and North America and photographers are preparing to head out and shoot. In the Northern climes they already are.

While the web is full of great tutorials on fall color photography containing the usual and important tips like good composition, good light, and pay attention to your Histogram, I thought I would compile a few thoughts on tips I and many others use in their fall color landscape photography.

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Get Over Your Fear of Cold Calling With These Simple Steps

Yes, nature photographers have to market and sell to stay relevant in this business. There is no way around it! And one of the best ways is to simply call your prospective client.

While there are many methods for marketing like print and email, the personal call, done effectively, has probably the highest success rate. In fact, some research suggests that successful cold calling works far superior to email marketing.

Whether cold calling is the right way for you depends on who your target market is. If you are a nature photographer primarily producing e-books and teaching workshops then offline marketing is not necessary when it can be completely done online.

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Shooting for the Markets: Humans Impact on Nature

Outdoor and nature photographers are attracted to the beauty that Mother Nature provides! They seek to capture the great light, natural splendor, and breathtaking natural events. The goal is to create images that make viewers say “wow.”

But for those in the business of licensing images, it is even more important to create images that photo buyers need and will license and these are not always “wow” images.

While the market for breathtaking images is large there is also a market for images that show the less ‘pretty’ aspects of nature and the outdoors. And in particular, humans impact on nature.

These subjects are often overlooked as photographers strive to create only beautiful images that elicit warm responses from viewers. Yet, images that show mans impact on nature have a market for sure.

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