Great Ways to Sell Your Photography

Guest post by Elise Leveque

Nature photography is incredibly rewarding – composing and creating beautiful images of forests, birds, plants, rivers and patiently waiting for the pivotal, exact moment that creates that golden, unforgettable image. Unique snapshots of a moment that will never be captured again.

For many people, nature photography is a hobby, filling an hour here and there and getting satisfaction from the final product in the comfort of their own home. Others, however, want to have a go at graduating to that next, professional level. 

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Why You Need to Show Only Your Best Work

Do you ever wonder what photographs you should show in your online portfolio?

Do you ever wonder how many images you should show in that portfolio?

Depending who you ask, the answers will vary widely. Like many, I spend a lot of time scouring the web looking for great photography and newsworthy items.

Occasionally I find a photographers website with a gallery that shows every single image from a shoot. Is this smart?

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Setting Up Your Photography Business to Run on Auto Pilot

In 2004 I left to raft the Grand Canyon for a third time and would be gone 5 weeks. That included a week to get there and get prepped, 3 weeks of rafting (21 day private permit), and a week to pack up and get back.

At that time, my business had been scaled back a few years earlier when I had sold my small boutique stock photo agency to another agency that was soon acquired by Getty.

Gone were my two employees and a lot of the headaches and hassles that go with a staffed business. It was now just the three of us: me, myself, and I, to run my business.

As my Grand Canyon departure time neared I spent considerable time contemplating whether or not to close the doors for a month or find someone and train them to handle the office for during my absence.

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