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Creating Passive Income for Your Photography Business

by Carmen Brettel

Maintaining an online portfolio for your photography is crucial to attracting new clients and booking more work. While your photography may be your bread and butter, it can be limiting. Session work, editing photos and managing clients is a lot of work that requires long hours. You can only do so much as an individual, and when you reach your limit, so does your income.

Creating passive income is the best way to increase your income without having to increase the amount of hours you put in (as if you had any more to give anyway). If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few ideas for passive income that may suit your photography business:

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5 Techniques for Drawing the Viewer Into Your Photograph

There are many ways to use composition to tell your visual story in a photograph. As photographers we can create stronger images when employing compositional techniques that guide the viewer through the image.

We all know the eye sees differently than the camera, so it is a skill to organize the elements into a composition that resembles what our minds eye saw.

Since a photograph is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional scene, there is a need to show the viewer that the scene has great depth, or the subject is close or far, or small or large.

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Photographing Plitvice Lakes NP, Croatia

It’s hard to believe that in such a beautiful lake-filled canyon, the first shots fired that marked the start of Croatia’s war with Yugoslavia occurred here.  In fact the first fatality of the war was the park’s police officer.  War never seems to make sense.

But that was then and now the park’s popularity is back stronger than ever, although we Americans are a little slower on traveling to here versus the Europeans.  I first learned of this area watching a Rick Steves travel segment on public television and was so impressed that when I had the chance to travel to the Adriatic, I made sure this park was on the itinerary.  It turned out that I was not disappointed.  The park was Croatia’s first national park (1949) and now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Rosa Frei’s Portrait of Morocco

Rosa Frei is a travel photographer based in Morocco who photographs the people and places and we asked her about living and shooting in Morocco.

I am a commercial and fine art photographer based in Morocco. In fine art, my passion is nature photography and portraits. I love black & white and monochrome, high key and low key, simple and minimalistic compositions. My aim is to see and express harmony and beauty in nature through my photography.

For me, photography is the art of perception. It is the art of expressing my personal relationship with what I see. Photography is a wonderful method of connecting with the outer world in a very intimate and intense way. My world has changed dramatically since I became a photographer. I now see light and shadow, hidden beauty in patterns, shapes and colors, and tiny details, I would never have previously noticed.

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