Wildflower Photography: Flash Fill vs. Diffuser

What is the best way to photograph wildflowers; in the sun or in the shade? There are of course a variety of answers and i think it depends on how you frame the flowers in your viewfinder. The sun does not always create flattering light for wildflowers often adding to much contrast.

A large landscape showing a field of wildflowers benefits from the sun as it skim across the scene. But if you shoot macro, your flowers are up close and all the nuances of the light are obvious. If there is to much contrast its right there, in your face.

We all have our preferences and mine is soft light, even overcast conditions for photographing flowers up close. But recently while in Arizona searching for blooming cactus, I had what makes Arizona wonderful in other ways: great weather and warm days. But the light on the blooming Hedgehog Cactus was harsh.

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The Notion That Photographers Should Give Their Work Away

by Lee Mandrell

Camera’s, lenses, filters, light meters, flashes, tripods, backpacks, bags, studio space, studio equipment, lighting, stands, (gasp! pause for air) backdrops, props, software, computers, travel, fuel, lodging, assistants, and the list goes on. These are just some of the expenses photographers are faced with in order to carve out a meager existence and living. What is not generally realized is that every single shot that a photographer takes or creates costs them money to produce in some shape or form. Sometimes there are literally hours spent getting a shot, whether it’s in the studio, traveling, or out in the field somewhere. Then in some cases, depending on the shot, there are more hours spent in post editing, just to make sure it’s pixel perfection. Most photographers I know of personally average 60 or more hours a week doing what they do, and yet of these photographers, I never once hear any of them complaining about the hours or the actual work. I certainly never complain when I am doing what it is I love to do. So why is that most people think we should work for next to nothing or give our work away for free? It certainly isn’t cheap for us to produce a photo, nor is it always easy.

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Picture Perfect: Essential Steps To Setting Up A Photography Business

by Elise Leveque

There was a time – not so long ago, in fact – that photography was deemed as little or nothing more than a hobby; an innocuous pursuit that filled in the gaps of time.

Nowadays, however, the picture quite literally looks very different. In the recent past, enthusiastic amateurs have gone from purely dabbling in the photographic arts and taking the headlong plunge deep into those pictorial waters moving from keen snapper to fully fledged professional in a reasonably short period of time.

But before you launch in to the proper – and possibly intimidating – combo of proper business and professional photography, you need to ensure you catch up on your homework to kickstart things with a bang (or a click, in this instance).

And even in these times of cutting back and fiscal austerity, it’s still more than feasible to take the leap at setting up your own company, making a name for yourself and creating a successful business.

Here then, are a few essential tools every amateur-turned professional photographer will need to follow in the footsteps of top pros.  

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