Eagle Hunting…with a Camera

by Joseph Classen

Back in Missouri, where I’m originally from, seeing a bald eagle is a rare treat. During the winter months the eagles regularly congregate along the Mississippi and Missouri rivers systems, bringing out bird watchers and nature lovers by the hundreds to see maybe a half dozen eagles or so catching a few fish to fatten up on. During the rest of the year however, spotting one of our national birds is difficult to do in those parts. It’s quite the opposite here on Kodiak Island, Alaska, where I currently reside. I see more bald eagles in one day than most people probably see in a lifetime. And during the winter months, I regularly see dozens and dozens of them gathered together like groups of pigeons. It’s quite a sight! Even though seeing so many of these incredible creatures is a common occurrence for most who live here, I never get tired of it!

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Are You Taking Care of Your Customers?

These days customers can be hard to come by for photographers. There are never enough of them and they have many options in today’s markets.  Because it is tough to land a new client, it becomes so important to take care of the ones you have after earning their business.

Out of sight = out of mind! I was horribly guilty of being ‘out of sight’ in my early days. I should make no excuses, but it was a different time. In the ‘olden days’ we marketed by direct mail and sales calls and maybe a portfolio showing. Today is different. While I occasionally make sales calls I rarely get them anymore and I like it that way.

If I was an art buyer I probably would prefer to not get calls (some prohibit it) even though my job is to work with photographers. If I was a real art buyer, it might take a lot to get excited about another photographer knocking on my virtual door. But I would get excited if a photographer contacted me in a unique and interesting manner and presented work that made me think “wow”.

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