How Photographers Can Use Social Media to Promote Their Work

This was a guest post by Richard McMunn/How2become

A photographer’s portfolio is their livelihood and these days, thanks to social media, it’s never been easier to let the world see your work. Of course, that also means that every other photographer you’re competing with also has the potential to show off his or her portfolio. This means that if you want a competitive edge you might have to stop thinking like a photographer for a moment and imagine yourself as a marketer.

Valuable Exposure

Dedicating a couple of hours to social media every week will either help you realise your dreams of becoming a professional photographer or give your business the boost it needs to grow to the next level. Time is usually the only investment it takes – you don’t need to spend money to have accounts with any of the social media platforms, making it a really cost-effective way to market your business.

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Getting the Big Break in Photography

by Carl Battreal

When I began my career as a photographer, twenty two years ago, I dreamt that someday there would be a career event that would tip the balance from being a struggling photographer to a superstar.  This “big break” would send me into the halls of photographic fame with the legends I admired.

The first of many “big breaks” came when I was twenty four years old. The prominent photography journal Lenswork, featured my portfolio. While at the same time, a leading gallery in the Monterey Bay area gave me a solo exhibit.

Immediately, my prints sales rocketed and I thought, “This is it, I am now big time!

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Using Flash for Macro Photography

Sometimes when we photograph we get perfect light and other times we don’t so on occasion there might be a need to improve the light and make it close to perfect. While there is not a solution to turn bad light into good light, one tool that can benefit many close-in subjects is the flash.

Flash is a great tool for outdoor photographers and while it has little effect on a sweeping landscape, it is quite useful with subjects closer in like macro or close-up nature.

Today’s dedicated flash units are very sophisticated devices so if you are new to flash, grasping these fundamentals will demonstrate how flash is fairly easy to use.


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