How To Write and Photograph for Foreign Travel Markets

Photographers are visual storytellers similar to filmmakers and writers. While many photographers looking to expand their business are choosing to put their HD dSLR to work creating video, others are choosing writing to tell their stories. Photography and writing have always made sense for outdoor photographers.

When you think about it, somewhere online is a great photograph of just about every location of interest to travelers making stock photography a tough business. While it is often said that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ in some cases a photograph without supporting text might not tell the complete story while a written article without photography may have less appeal to a reader. Photographs sell magazines and convince readers that a story is worth reading, making writing and photography a perfect marriage.

Since many photographers travel to photograph and then promote their images to the editorial markets, they can increase their sales in both domestic and foreign markets by offering photo/text packages. Editors have always been interested in working with qualified photographer/writers who could provide the total package. The ability to write is important and can be learned, but teaming up with an established writer is another option.

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Favorite Places: Techatticup Nevada Ghost Town

Eldorado Canyon has a long history. From early Spanish explorers to the Native Americans, the canyon was home to the native people and those seeking their fortunes. The Spanish found silver but never did find the gold deposits they were seeking. Today Techatticup is a popular tourist site and a great place for those seeking old and historic subjects to photograph.

Prospectors found their way to Eldorado Canyon by way of the Colorado River and by the 1860s it was home to prospectors and Civil War deserters, who found the canyon a great place to hide out. Interestingly the canyon had a population of nearly 300 people the future city of Las Vegas only had 40 inhabitants.

It was a ruthless and lawless land with fights over gold, women, claim jumping, and countless incidents of vigilante justice. There was no sheriff in the area with the  closest living 200 miles away by horseback. Eldorado Canyon was one of the earliest and richest mining districts in Nevada. The mine was started around 1858 and lasted until 1945 when it was abandoned. During this time the mines produced about $5 million dollars worth of ore. (Below are images from my visit this year)

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