Will We Witness The End of The Digital SLR?

Is the end of the DSLR near? Will we all be shooting with Smart Phones in the near future?  If you have been reading some of the latest online, there are a few opinions that  the smart phone will replace the dSLR.

I don’t buy it!

In this article by Paul Melcher, whose opinions I respect as an industry veteran (and he has a great blog), says in this recent post:

“Everyone is now fully aware that professional dSLR are going to be replaced by mobile phone cameras. It is just a question of time.”

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Why Concept Photography is King?

Years ago a client showed me a corporate annual report produced for a financial investment company. The cover photo on the annual report was a stand of giant Sequoia trees shot vertically. The camera angle was from ground level and the lower half of the picture was the forest floor. Centered in the frame and close to the camera was a Sequoia seedling sprouting up through the forest floor with the ancient monarchs in the background. It was a beautiful shot!

The theme for the annual report was ‘Planting The Seeds For Long Term Growth’ and the client no doubt chose this image because it fit the concept they were looking for. The seedling in the foreground represented ‘planted seeds’ while the old growth trees in the rear of the photo represented ‘long term growth.’  Clients often search for stock images that speak visually and convey a specific message related to a theme and in this example it was a photo combining the old trees and the new tree.

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