When Spectrums Collide: Selective Processing With Infra Red

by Lee Mandrell  

A Simple Infrared Selective Color Project

As they so often are, it was another perfect day in the Smoky Mountains. I’m an avid color landscape shooter, but I am always on the lookout for infrared shots as well as anything I think might separate my shots from the norm. I happened upon this scene at the end of ‘The Roaring Fork Motor Trail’, just at the edge of Gatlinburg, TN. My wife and I asked the shop owner if we could shoot the old dodge truck that resides on the property. She informed us that we could take pictures, but we had to stay on the outside of the fence, and also to let her know if we felt we got anything worthwhile. To me this meant shooting what has been shot thousands of times before me.

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Rosa Frei’s Portrait of Morocco

Rosa Frei is a travel photographer based in Morocco who photographs the people and places and we asked her about living and shooting in Morocco.

I am a commercial and fine art photographer based in Morocco. In fine art, my passion is nature photography and portraits. I love black & white and monochrome, high key and low key, simple and minimalistic compositions. My aim is to see and express harmony and beauty in nature through my photography.

For me, photography is the art of perception. It is the art of expressing my personal relationship with what I see. Photography is a wonderful method of connecting with the outer world in a very intimate and intense way. My world has changed dramatically since I became a photographer. I now see light and shadow, hidden beauty in patterns, shapes and colors, and tiny details, I would never have previously noticed.

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The Exceptional Portfolio of Landscape Photographer Scott Reither

I have had photography as my primary life’s focus for over a decade. Early on, my focus turned to landscape photography. I had always had a spirited relationship with nature and the outdoors and now was beginning to find that I could communicate some of these feelings to others with the use of the camera, and through my photographs. The endless study had begun.

I started building a collection of gallery worthy images, and in 2006, I began my professional career as an artist. This path is not for everyone, and if you are curious or in question whether it is for you, then it likely is not. There is no room for questioning, or for doubt. You become a professional artist for only one reason – because you can not fathom doing anything else with your life. That’s it. For me, this was clear. It’s an up-and-down path and can be very challenging, but it is also extremely rewarding.

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5 Techniques for Gritty Grungy Outdoor Portraits Pt. 1

The gritty, grungy look for people is a popular look these days and if you Googled those in search terms you would find a wide variety of approaches from other photographers.

If you shoot outdoor adventure type images you might want to add an edgy style to your images.  There are many ways to create a grungy and gritty look and I have played with 5 different approaches and they all create a slightly different visual look to images of people outdoors.

This is the first in a series of 5 posts that illustrate the different approaches and each approach differs in complexity from very easy to very involved. This first approach uses primarily the High Pass filter in Photoshop with a sepia effect.

The other approaches coming in the next 4 tutorials include: Camera Raw, HDR, Desaturation, and Topaz Adjust software.

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For Love of B&W: Cole Thompson’s Ethereal Landscapes

Editors note: I discovered Cole Thompson’s beautiful photography and website while wandering the net. Cole is a true artist whose passion for nature photography is very obvious. He does not ‘shoot for the markets’, he just shoots and his imagery is presented in a manner we often don’t see and I am sure you will agree. Many of images would in my opinion, not be as powerful in color as they are in B&W. I had to know more about him and his work so I asked him if he would tell us about himself and his photography.

I am an amateur as measured by the old definition of the word; I am self taught, I create out of love and do not use my art to earn a living. I feel extremely fortunate to create only that which inspires me, without regard to how the markets or critics will receive my work. My only measure of success is how I feel about my art.

I am often asked, why black and white? It may be because I was born into a black and white world. Television, movies and the news were all in black and white. My heroes were in black and white and even the nation was segregated into black and white. Perhaps my images are an extension of the world in which I grew up.

I cannot categorize my work since my subject matter is so varied and diverse. In addition to several traditional landscape and seascape projects, my portfolios have ranged from “The Ghosts of Auschwitz-Birkenau” in which I portray the spirits of the dead who still linger at the death camps, to a distorted architectural series entitled “The Fountainhead.” From a street portrait series entitled “Ukrainians, With Eyes Shut” to unique look at “Ceiling Lamps” which were photographed from directly below.

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For Love of B&W: 5 Examples of Nature Images

I have always enjoyed black and white photography. There are many masters of the medium who have created phenomenal photography from Ansel Adams to John Sexton and Bruce Barnbaum. And there are many more than I could name here or even know of.

When I attended Brooks Institute in the 1970’s, we spent the first year doing nothing but B&W and I often joked that I bathed in B&W chemicals and slept on the drying racks.

I guess it was no joke when later I found I was allergic to something in the B&W chemicals and that ended my days in the darkroom.

My appreciation for B&W never ended but I never really created B&W fine art nature photography until I began dabbling with Photoshop B&W Adjustment Layers. Still I was not that enamored.

Last month Topaz announced B&W Effects and I am hooked finding myself digging up RAW file in Lightroom to process in B&W and here are 5 recent examples.

The other reason for this post besides showing some of my work is to invite you, our readers to submit your ideas for our ProFolio feature showing portfolios of B&W imagery. If you have some phenomenal B&W imagery let us know where we can view it and consider featuring you.

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