How to Publish Your First Nature Photography eBook

By Joseph Classen In the ever-evolving digital world that we live in, it has become exceedingly more difficult to earn a few bucks (much less a living) as a wildlife/nature photographer. Overloaded stock agencies are giving away images for free, the methods for unethical individuals to steal one’s work are becoming easier all the time, … READ MORE +

Photograph Hidden Yosemite & the Hoover Wilderness – a photographer’s guidebook by George Graves

Photographer George Graves has spent the past forty years hiking and photographing the central Sierra Nevada Range and is now publishing a photographer’s guide to “Hidden Yosemite and the adjacent Hoover Wilderness” with some of his favorite photographic sites.

It is hard to believe that in this popular and highly “people impacted” area that there are new perspectives and creative visions to be captured by photographers.  This eBook might be surprising in what locations are still largely unvisited and un-photographed – subjects just waiting for photographers.

By means of high quality photographic images and detailed informative text, this publication will equip photographers with the “where and how to” knowledge to bring home unique and distinctive images in these two wilderness areas. The book is only $8!

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How to Tell Stories With Light

As we document the world with our cameras, light is a crucial ingredient to successful photographs. It’s that light that tells the story we want told. It tells us the shape of the land with highlights and shadows. It can tell us the temperature outdoors with cool light or warm light. Light can tells us whether the subject is soft or rough or large or small.

Light tells the story of the subject!

It is these stories that are important to convey and if you have a photograph that does not tell the story you want told, consider the lighting as one reason.

Whether photographing outside or inside, we don’t always have the light we need so the solution to that problem is to Make Light! With a basic flash unit you can create light that tells the story you want told.

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Michael Frye on Digital Landscape Photography and Lightroom

Nature photographer Michael Frye has had a long career in photography. He is photographer, educator, and a writer who has contributed to numerous magazines and books. His work has appeared in National Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, American Photo, Sunset, Texas Highways, and Britain’s Professional Photographer.

Last year he published his second book: Digital Landscape Photography: In the Footsteps of Ansel Adams and the Great Masters. And shortly thereafter he published a popular eBook: Light & Land: Landscapes in the Digital Darkroom.

I have had the opportunity to review both books by Michael and I have also met and I visited with him. He is great photographer, a brilliant visual artist, a writer, and genuinely nice guy. His books reflect his experience and expertise.

Like myself, Michael was around and shooting in the pre-digital days when some of these great masters, which he describes in the book, were still working. His approach to this new book on Digital Photography is unique as he compares the way the old masters worked.

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Photographing Nature by Ralph Clevenger

Ralph Clevenger has just published a new book: Photographing Nature: A Photo Workshop from Brooks Institutes Top Nature Photography Instructor.

A photographer for close to 30 years, Ralph has trotted across the globe on-assignment for a wide variety of clientele. He has also been an instructor at Brooks Institute for over 20 years where he leads the nature photography program.

His new book is illustrated beautifully with a stunning collection of his photography captured over many years. He starts the book right off with an insightful perspective on how we as nature photographers should act and treat the environment with respect to plants and animals. He follows by encouraging nature photographers to give back to nature by using their photography in anyway they can.

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