How to Find Fallen Roof Ancient Pueblo in Utah

Photographers love Utah and all its stunning scenery! The red rock country of Southern Utah is very popular and offers some of the most diverse landscapes on the planet. Red rock walls, arches, vast canyons, sand dunes, and the stunning scenery preserved in Utah’s National Parks, it’s no wonder landscape and nature photographers flock to … READ MORE +

Favorite Places: Techatticup Nevada Ghost Town

Eldorado Canyon has a long history. From early Spanish explorers to the Native Americans, the canyon was home to the native people and those seeking their fortunes. The Spanish found silver but never did find the gold deposits they were seeking. Today Techatticup is a popular tourist site and a great place for those seeking old and historic subjects to photograph.

Prospectors found their way to Eldorado Canyon by way of the Colorado River and by the 1860s it was home to prospectors and Civil War deserters, who found the canyon a great place to hide out. Interestingly the canyon had a population of nearly 300 people the future city of Las Vegas only had 40 inhabitants.

It was a ruthless and lawless land with fights over gold, women, claim jumping, and countless incidents of vigilante justice. There was no sheriff in the area with the  closest living 200 miles away by horseback. Eldorado Canyon was one of the earliest and richest mining districts in Nevada. The mine was started around 1858 and lasted until 1945 when it was abandoned. During this time the mines produced about $5 million dollars worth of ore. (Below are images from my visit this year)

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How to Photograph a Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

by Charlie Borland

We launched our raft into the swift moving current and grabbed the paddles to quickly navigate towards river center and line up for the rapid. The river flow was picking up speed as we neared the tongue of this monstrous mix of boiling, turbulent, whitewater. My excitement to again be on Colorado River adventure gave way to more rational thinking of “what the heck am I doing here?” as I observed the massive river waves, seemingly taller than us, quickly creeping closer.

This rapid was Lava Falls, the biggest, baddest, most feared and most talked about rapid on this 277-mile rafting adventure. It is rated between 8 and 10 on a scale that only goes to 10. That is a big rapid! We were well into our second week in the canyon and were all ‘tuned in and going with the rivers flow’ by this time. That also meant we had two weeks to think about Lava Falls and ‘guesstimate’ what type of ride the rapid would give us at this water level. For me, I wondered what action photos I could capture from within the boat. Would I have to hang on for dear life or could I snap away?

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Favorite Places: Nevada’s Valley of Fire SP

I have enjoyed wandering around the United States and bouncing between coasts for more than 25 years photographing many of our natural treasures.

One place that never seemed to be on my chosen route each trip was Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park. I finally stopped for a visit in 2010 and much to my surprise this place was beyond what I even remotely expected.

As I wandered and explored that first day of my visit I wondered briefly if I had read the map wrong and was actually in Utah’s Canyon Country. Nevada is beautiful! From the Ruby and Santa Rosa Mountains to the North and the Great Basin National Park on the East side, Valley of Fire North of Las Vegas does not seem to belong here.

But I am glad it is as I had two days to figure out the lay of the land. I quickly realized two days was not enough and I would have to plan another visit here.

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6 New National Park Natural Landmarks Worth Photographing

It is always a nice surprise when the National Park Service adds more lands to its inventory of protected areas. Recently, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the addition of 6 Natural Areas for protection and this is always good news to nature photographers.

Every National Park has been photographed to death and the inventory of amazing images is vast. So when there are new additions to the system this generates news and stories and increases the needs for photography from these locations.

The additions are part of President Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative designed to develop a conservation ethic in the 21st century.

The six new natural areas are: Barfoot Park in the Chiricahua Mountains of southern Arizona, Golden Fossil Areas west and north of Golden, Colo., Hanging Lake National Natural Landmark is east of Glenwood Springs, Colo.; Kahlotus Ridgetop National Natural Landmark is in Palouse country four miles north of Kahlotus, Wash.; Round Top Butte National Natural Landmark is near Medford, Ore.; and Island National Natural Landmark is located  in east-central Oregon.

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Favorite Places: Rockport, Massachusetts

There are plenty of fabulous places to photograph and each and every one of us has a place that we consider a favorite.

One of mine is Rockport, Massachusetts, a small fishing village North of Boston on Cape Ann. I first visited the area back in the 80’s and since that first visit I knew I would be back for a visit anytime I visited New England.

My first visit back then couldn’t have been more perfect. The first stop on my list a was the Rockport boat harbor with it’s idyllic look and quaint New England charm, it was the perfect example of a small and historic fishing village.  It was the first place I wanted to photograph.

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Photographing Snowy Owls: Getting The Shot

By: David G Hemmings

Getting the shot, that’s what it is all about for the avid bird in flight photographer.

The thrill of the moment when all the stars are aligned, the lighting and conditions are just right and it all comes together for that magical moment when the shutter clicks and you just know that you captured a remarkable image of a bird in flight.

There are few species that capture the imagination for bird and nature photographers more than the Snowy owl. This is one of nature’s most magnificent raptors and a real favorite subject of mine.

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Photographing California’s North Coast Redwood Forests

by Gary Crabbe

Impressive. Awesome. Majestic. Huge. And last but not least, big; really, really big.  These are some of the adjectives normally used to describe the magnificent redwood trees and forests that populate California’s North Coast.  It strikes me that these are often the same adjectives someone might use to describe a place like Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.

But unlike the steep granite walls of Yosemite, or the carved cliffs of the Grand Canyon, a walk through an old-growth forest filled with these mighty trees seems to evoke an almost mystical feeling not usually felt at other geographically-centric location. I think the reason for this is that the forest and these massive 200+ foot-tall trees are alive, which creates an almost tangible sensation of reverence lingering in the air, as if you are walking through a grand living cathedral.

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Colorado Fall Colors in Full Display

Colorado fall foliage is a favorite among nature photographers and most color appears to peak by this weekend. I am in the state for about two weeks speaking at the Telluride Photo Festival last weekend and then running a workshop in Ouray that starts tomorrow.

I have not seen everything but have had the chance to photograph in a few areas as well as get some reports from other photographers. I have been on the Hwy 145, Telluride side of the San Juan Mountains and also along Hwy 550, the Million Dollar Hwy, between Molas Pass and Ouray. Here is what I know and have heard as of today.

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