OpenSea Diary: Mora and Moynihan Film the South Pacific

In a recent post we wrote about Mora and Moynihan and the preparations to embark on a sailing adventure across the South Pacific filming nature, the environment and the cultures. Here is the first of their many (to come) field reports.

Opensea Film and Photography duo, Nia and Jon Moynihan, have set sail again across the Pacific. This time we have crossed 1,100 nautical miles of deep blue water to reach the Melanesian shores  of Vanuatu – a nation known for the happiest people in the world. Along the way we have come to more realizations about the conviction it takes to
photograph the natural world. Though the long passage was filled mostly with beautiful weather, at times the extremities of the wind strength and the wave size was overwhelming.

Sometimes we ask ourselves “what makes people do it?” What makes a person head out into the middle of nowhere? Maybe for us its to be alone, away form the world, and then to arrive in new places filled with adventure and the unknown. Perhaps its also the peace and mental tranquility that comes with being the only person around for hundreds of miles, only accompanied by the repose of nature, birds, and sea creatures. Therese a sense of connectedness that comes over a person when confronted with the strength of raw nature.

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Moynihan and Mora Set Sail to Film OpenSea: Journey Across the Pacific…and Need Your Help

Editors note: Nia Mora and Jonathan Moynihan are U.S. based photographers and filmmakers and are about to set sail to film and photograph their sailing documentary: OpenSea; Journey Across the Pacific. They will sail across the South Pacific and film the adventure, the cultures and people, and sea life for their documentary film with an end goal of raising awareness to the South Pacific’s peole and natural treasures. They have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. The following essay describes their first sailing adventure, the inspiration for the new OpenSeas project. Stay tuned as they promise to keep us updated with videos and photographs of this unique journey and film project.

“OpenSea: Journey Across the Pacific” began in the hopes of finding footage about sailing the South Pacific Ocean. We didn’t find much, so we decided to make our own film. We spent 28 days at sea, sailing from Hawaii to French Polynesia in our 35 foot sail boat. Along the way, the project developed into something we felt we had to share with others. We learned things about the way other people lived, which changed the way we ourselves live. We saw the majesty and diversity of the Pacific islands, which taught us about the raw and enduring strength of nature. We braved the ocean, endless blue water for weeks on end, which taught us about ourselves.

We have already sailed 6,500 nautical miles. We have documented places such as The Marquesas,The Tuamotus, The Society Islands,
Niue, and New Zealand’s North Island and Hauraki Gulf. Most people haven’t heard of these places, a lot will never see these places. Our goal is to make a visual montage and a narrative sharing the experience of traveling by sail boat across the ocean and the things a person learns along the way. We’d like to post this documentary for free, online by September, 2014. This project is non-profit, as we believe everyone should be able to share with us what we have seen and where we have been on our amazing journey across the Pacific.

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Exploring the Ocean with Underwater Photographer Jason Arnold

by Beth Swanson

Being a third generation commercial fisherman, underwater photographer, Jason Arnold, learned to respect marine wildlife at a very young age. He earned his sea legs almost as soon as he could walk. During his formative years in high school and college, Arnold explored his love for the sea through surfing professionally. He was an East Coast champion and placed in many international pro contests.

“Eventually,” said Arnold, “I had to get a real job.” His real job developed into a dream career. Currently, he travels the globe taking pictures of sharks, sport fish, tropical fish and all the wonders of the ocean. He gets to work with some of the top fishing and diving companies in the world, such as Cressi Dive Gear, Daiwa Reels, Yo-Zuri lures, Ocean Kayaks and many more. Arnold’s photos also regularly grace the covers and pages of Sport Fishing Magazine, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated and many more.

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Eiko Jones Beautiful & Unique Underwater Photography

Editor’s Note- Recently I saw a +1 post about a beautiful image appearing on National Geographic’s website which led me to Canadian underwater photographer Eiko Jones. He has an amazing approach to underwater photography so I asked him if he would tell us about himself and his photography.

Please tell us how you got started and how long you have been in the business.

I started  my journey into UW photography first in 1993 for a couple years. Then in 2011 I went on two diving expeditions in Mexico. First to Isla Guadalupe to see Great White Sharks and then to the Socorros Islands to be with Giant Manta Rays and many species of Sharks. This was the catalyst that really got me back into UW photography.

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